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In our last “weekly webinar” for the Certified Mental Wellness Coach class, we had a good discussion about “what pregnant women should be eating” – both for them and for their developing babies.

We also discussed what moms should be eating AFTER delivery – to help them with their MOOD and help them get back to their “pre-pregnancy” selves (stress resilience, hormone balance, baby weight, etc).

Here is a little video that unpacks some of that and provides some specific supplement recommendations.

What should a pregnant woman eat – and how should she supplement – to maintain her mood, energy, and resilience during pregnancy and after?

~5-6 million pregnancies yearly

~1 million women suffer post-partum-depression (PPD) and post-partum-anxiety (PPA) yearly (this is how much is reported, so the true occurrence is actually higher)

Pre-Partum Pack

•Nutrition  = VitaGBX + OmMega

•Constipation/Digestive  = Digestive/Probiotics

•Microbiome  = Mentabiotics

Post-Partum Pack

•Microbiome  = Mentabiotics

•Depression/Anxiety = Mood+

•Hormones = Ignite

•Weight  = Fit/Burn

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  1. Wanda Fox

     /  July 19, 2023

    This is a fabulous resource


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