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I get a lot of requests from journalists to help answer questions for articles they are writing about various health topics – here is one recent example that may be helpful for readers of Best Future You… The main question for this article in Forbes Health was “Are Lectins Bad?” (You can see the expanded

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Are Lectins Bad?

In this “weekly webinar” that I host for Certified Mental Wellness Coaches (CMWCs), we talked about the “Mental Wellness Economy” and the recently-released report from the Global Wellness Institute. We also went thru some data from the Nov 2023 issue of Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) – where they dive into what is happening in the

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Mental Wellness Economy Webinar

One of the benefits of becoming a Certified Mental Wellness Coach (CMWC) is our “Weekly Webinar” – where we get together to discuss different aspects of #MentalWellness. This often involves highlights from new studies and Q&A “trouble-shooting” of problems that our clients and customers might be having (such as, “what’s the best approach for helping

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CMWC Webinar (Nov 8, 2023)

Registration for the Certified Mental Wellness Coach (CMWC) course at Marietta College will be closing tomorrow (Wednesday November 8 at Midnight). This is the last class cohort that we can register at the discounted $500 tuition – which will increase to $600 in 2024 to cover the costs associated with several new features. You can

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CMWC Registration Closing Soon

I’m excited to be giving two seminars tonight – one about the science of Happy Juice and the other a quick overview of some of the key Amare products (including Happy Juice, MentaHeart, Mood+, Kids Mood+, Ignite, and a few others). Here is the video link and the slides for the Happy Juice overview =

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New Mental Wellness Seminars

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