Volunteers Needed for Research Study

We’re running a new study on a natural yeast extract for its effects on mood, inflammation and the microbiome!

Based on our previous research on a similar yeast extract (beta-glucan), we expect to see benefits for lowering stress and stress hormones (cortisol), improving microbiome balance, and prevention of burnout.

The study is 6 weeks long – and volunteers get free measurements of cortisol, inflammation (cytokines), microbiome (gut bacteria), and mood (stress, tension, fatigue, etc).

There will be 3 measurements – at the start (baseline), middle (week 3), and end (week 6) of the study – and we will send the sample collection kits to you (and your supplement or placebo) – and you will send your samples directly back to our lab – EASY!

Our previous studies of yeast beta-glucan showed a 20% improvement in “overall well-being” (psychological vigor) – so we are excited to expand our research to include inflammation and the microbiome.

If you’re interested, please email Julie (JulieTalbott@mac.com) for more information.

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