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I’m one of the “Founding Experts” at AnyQuestion – sort of like an “in-person Google” where real-live experts answer your questions.

This is really cool because it is getting more and more difficult to find credible health information on the internet (amid all the crazy health conspiracies and “Bro-Science” nonsense).

The mission at AnyQuestion is to “democratize access to insights and wisdom from the world’s greatest experts” – so it has been a lot of fun (and educational!) to be a part of this team.

The “tagline” at AnyQuestion is “Stop searching and start asking. Get the insights and perspectives you’re looking for, from world-class experts at the top of their fields.”

And – it’s FREE!

There are LOTS of interesting categories (not just nutrition and integrative medicine where I answer questions) – such as Cycling, Strength, Swimming, Photography, Running, Triathlon, Pets, and lots more!

If you have questions – AnyQuestion has answers (from experts) – and if you have a question for me, please let me know at =

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  1. I just submitted a question but now realize that the information might be public?


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