What is the Best Supplement for Mental Focus?

Short video explainer is HERE

Hands down, the best supplement for memory is pomegranate extract – and I think the “Pomma+” extract is probably the best because it is concentrated in compounds called “punicalagins” that have been studied to show improved memory in cases of dementia/Alzheimer’s but also in cases of “regular” memory deficits that come with aging.

Most pomegranate extracts are either not standardized at all (making them low potency and not very effective), or standardized to ellagic acid – which is great for “blood flow” benefits, but not specific to memory effects.

I often recommend to combine pomegranate extract for memory with New Zealand pine bark extract for focus and calming of the “monkey mind” – this combination is miraculous for alleviating what a lot of people refer to as “brain fog” (and so many people don’t even realize that they have brain fog until it goes away)…

Other very effective supplements for memory and focus can be Theanine (also improves relaxation and alertness), Saffron (also improves focus and mood), Guayusa (also improves mental awareness) and Mango Leaf (also improves cognition and sports performance) – so if you would like me to elaborate on any of those, please let me know?

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