Family-Farm Hamburger

We just sent two cows to the butcher – so my teenage son, Alex, is taking orders for the BEST Hamburger that you have ever tasted – just in time for Summer cookouts!

We raise Hereford cattle (best for beef) – and we don’t do steaks or roasts – only hamburgers – so you get the best cuts for your burger.

Please see the info on the flyer image below.

Shipping is FREE on orders over $100 (15lbs @ $7/lb = $105) – and shipments will arrive to you by July 1 (in time for your July 4th celebration).

Beef Flyer.jpg

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  1. Hi Alex & Dr. Shawn: What a Great thing! Is it 100% grass fed? Has it eaten any GMO corn? Blessings; Megan

    • Hi Megan – our cows are well-tended and Never ever ever fed corn of any type – exclusively fed on grass and hay!


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