The “Best” Diet?

The annual “Best Diet”awards are out from US News – and for the 8th year in a row, the Mediterranean Diet hits the top of the list.

This style of “whole food” eating is at the center of my “Mental Fitness Diet” – which combines the best parts of Mediterranean with Scandinavian, Okinawan, Blue Zones, and other traditional patterns form around the world.

If you’re trying to “eat healthier” this year – then you need to understand how the Mental Fitness Diet can help you feel better (energy, mood, focus, resilience, etc) and perform better (exercise, sex, weight, heart, brain, gut, etc).

In this video (and the slides below), I talk about not only the best foods to include in your diet, but also WHY they work (the biochemistry and psychology), the science of the microbiome and gut-brain-axis, and how we can use targeted plant extracts to supplement our phytonutrient intake.

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