Western diets have a pernicious side-effect on the gut microbiome…

In a recent study, scientists found that certain foods in the Western diet are more likely to promote harmful gut bacterial species.
— Read on www.inverse.com/mind-body/western-diet-gut-bacteria

Interesting – the studies that this article references show that diets high in processed foods increase a type of microbiome bacteria (Firmicutes) that lead to inflammation and weight gain – while diets higher in fruits, veggies, and prebiotic fiber (like my Mental Fitness Diet) increase another type of bacteria (Akkermansia) that lead to improved metabolism and weight loss.

Our studies at Amare have shown that appropriately nourishing your microbiome and Gut-Brain-Axis can BOTH reduce Firmicutes and increase Akkermansia – so you improve your mental wellness at your waistline simultaneously. But wait until you see what we have launching in January to take microbiome-mediated weight loss (and mental wellness) to the next level!

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