Recent Presentations and Media

Here is a presentation that I did on April 5 in Loveland CO about how Athletes can benefit from focusing on improving their Mental Wellness via microbiome modulation and optimization of their Gut-Brain-Axis – the slides are here (Amare Athletes April 5 2019) and the video is here.

The interview/podcast that I did on April 1st with Sarah Hein about the role of the microbiome and Gut-Brain-Axis in Autism and ADHD is posted – the slides are here (ADHD Autism Podcast April 1 2019) and the video is here.

While I was in Phoenix recently (April 3), I was able to make a quick visit to Channel 7 to talk about how your gut and especially the bacteria in your microbiome play a large part in our food cravings – the video is here.

Hope you enjoy them!



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