Amare Product Science Training

I’m still reeling from the overwhelming success of our 2-day Amare Pre-Launch Summit!

Several hundred Wellness Partners and guests joined us for 2 days of networking, socializing, and education at our headquarters in Irvine CA.

To continue the education portion, I’m sharing a series of zoom/webinars that Pat Hintze and I conducted together. Please see the note from Pat below. Enjoy!

You asked for it…So here it is!!

ALL 4 Dr. Shawn Talbott’s Zoom calls that discuss ALL of our amazing products in great detail. (Probably “information overload” for most… BUT some of you just can’t get enough so I put them all in one convenient place for you!)

Keep this email so you can come back to it a few times.

Make yourself an Energy Plus drink and enjoy!

IN-DEPTH discussion of Amare Products and Science

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