May is National Physical Fitness Month

In addition to May being “Mental Health Awareness” month, it is also designated as “Physical Fitness and Sports” month.

When we think about sports and physical fitness – we should always think about heart health – and on May 24, I visited Fresh Living on KUTV (Salt Lake City, CBS Ch2) to share a few of my favorite foods and supplements to improve heart health.

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  1. Green tea and L-Theanine – reduce stress and blood pressure.
  2. Grapes and Grape seed flavonoids – lower cholesterol and improve blood flow.

Later this week, I’ll be presenting some new research related to cardiovascular fitness and astaxanthin at the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Scientific Conference in Denver.

Astaxanthin is a nutrient that many people have never heard of – but they should learn about it because it’s one of the most powerful heart health supplements out there.

Our study found a dramatic and significant improvement in cardiovascular efficiency with astaxanthin supplementation – so people who took the supplement (versus a placebo) were able to do more exercise with less “strain” on their heart.

  1. Wild Salmon, Shrimp, and Astaxanthin – reduce oxidation and improve heart efficiency.

I personally drink tea, eat grapes (and drink red wine), and eat wild salmon because they’re both delicious and heart-healthy, but I also increase my daily intake of these important nutrients with dietary supplements of Suntheanine (L-theanine), Enovita (grape seed extract), and AstaZine (astaxanthin).

For more information about the astaxanthin study, visit after the scientific presentation on June 2.


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