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While it’s been said “The body fuels the mind,” in actuality, proper nutrition fuels BOTH the body and the mind.

That means that strategies like education, brain-training, and meditation have limited impact without proper coinciding nutrition and lifestyle best practices.

These unique and uber-natural solutions to physical and mental wellness are exactly what you will learn on this website.

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Hi, I’m Shawn TalbottPhD, CNS, LDN, FACSM, FACN.

As an Iron Man Triathlete with a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry, I have dedicated years to researching high-performance nutritional choices for personal reasons as well as for clients.

Thanks to recent technological breakthroughs, this nutrition foundation has expanded to unveil profound understandings and implications concerning your three brains.

Throughout numerous case studies involving over a thousand participants, we’ve learned how subtle nutrition choices can exponentially enhance both the body and mental states.

The undeniable findings from each study have ignited my enthusiasm to unveil the captivating correlation between food and mood.

The Link Between Food and Mood

The link between food and mood, known as nutritional psychology, explores the relationship between nutrition and mental health. It involves the use of specific nutrients and dietary interventions to address various mental health conditions such as: depression, brain fog, anxiety, and ADHD. This empowering force (which happens to be the most holistic approach to wellness yet) helps individuals create personalized diets and lifestyle changes to improve their mental health and well-being.

And one of my goals is to impart these ‘best healthy living tips’ to you, and to create an army of what we’re calling ‘mental health wellness coaches!’

Become a Mental Health Wellness Coach

Would you like to make a comfortable living while experiencing the satisfaction of helping and inspiring others? Be part of the solution for a growing need for mental wellness.

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I quench my curiosity through research and writing.  The research helps me answer my own questions, and writing about the answers helps me make connections and gain perspective. On my blog, I share my findings with you so that you, too, can find answers to your questions about the critical role of nutrition in our lives.