Free Microbiome Measurement

Did you know that your gut microbiome controls a lot of what your immune system does – including both protecting us from viruses and our tendency to develop allergies?

We are running a study on a new “anti-allergy” yeast extract that we think might reduce allergy symptoms by modulating the microbiome. Some nice “side benefits” are likely to be lower stress, reduced inflammation, and higher energy levels…

Participants in the study will receive free measurements of their microbiome, inflammation, and stress hormone (cortisol) – 3 times over 6 weeks.

We will mail all the collection kits to your home so you do not need to make any visits to the lab or clinic. (No blood – just saliva and poop and a few surveys – easy)!

We will also send you a $100 gift card at the completion of all your measurements.

If you’re interested in joining the study, please contact:

 Julie Talbott

3 Waves Wellness, LLC


Running for #MentalWellness

In exactly one week, I’ll be running the London Marathon to raise money for Erika’s Lighthouse.

Erika’s Lighthouse is committed to helping schools create an inclusive school culture around mental health. Every school should provide students with a safe and welcoming environment and have knowledgeable adults who are willing and available to help.

Since I’ll be thinking of EL every step of the 26.2 miles, PLEASE consider donating $26.20 HERE – and I’ll send you a signed copy of my Mental Fitness book (Maximizing Mood, Motivation, & Mental Wellness by Optimizing the Brain-Body-Biome).*

*after I see your donation – I’ll email to get your physical mailing address and how to personalize your signature (order one for you and a friend for $50)…

More than 50,000 educators have used EL’s School Policy & Staff Development program this year! It provides schools with positive school policies, staff training, educator support, and more to help build a strong foundation in the school community to promote good mental health and early identification.

We want every adult in the school to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of adolescent depression, feel confident to discuss mental health with students, and to know what to do if they are concerned about a student.


Amare Product Training

Here is an UPDATED video covering ALL of the products from Amare GlobalThe Mental Wellness Company – which has more than 30 natural products for supporting mood, focus, energy, stress resilience, sleep quality, and general well-being by optimizing the Microbiome-Gut-Heart-Brain-Axis with specific strains of probiotic bacteria, prebiotic fibers, and research-backed phytonutrients (“phytobiotics”).

Slides can be downloaded below

I also have another presentation that is more of a scientific “deep dive” into some of the key products – intended for Health Professionals (and other geeks who want to hear more about the science). That video is HERE and slides are also below for download.

King Kong of Weight Loss Drugs?

Good article in the WSJ about the development of Mounjaro – the latest in a line of drugs known as “GLP-1 agonists” – which are synthetic versions of the natural GLP-1 hormone that our guts produce to stimulate insulin production, lower blood sugar, and control appetite.

From the article…

“Moun­jaro could be one of the high­est-sell­ing drugs of all time with annual sales ex­ceed­ing $25 bil­lion. Novo’s Ozem­pic and We­govy brought in close to $10 bil­lion last year”

“The drug Moun­jaro helped a typ­i­cal per­son with obe­sity who weighed 230 pounds lose up to 50 pounds dur­ing a test pe­riod of nearly 17 months.”

These GLP-1 drugs can sometimes help obese subjects lose around 20% of the body weight (which is still no more than 3lbs per month) – but many people cannot tolerate the nausea and other (sometimes serious) side effects of the drugs. Importantly, almost everyone gains the weight back when they stop taking the drugs.

As I’ve written about many times on this blog and in my books, there are a number of very safe and extremely effective natural ways to encourage your gut to make more of its own GLP-1 (to control appetite and encourage fat loss) – and balance insulin/glucose (which helps your mood and metabolism) – and even help you avoid the dreaded “rebound” weight regain after you’ve lost it (by improving fat-burning – aka “thermogenesis” in brown fat).

Some of the interesting ingredients we’re using include specific strains of probiotic bacteria (DR7 and BPL1) and prebiotic fibers (acacia and RG-1), as well as spices and plant extracts (orange peel, glomerata fruit, grains of paradise) – which have all been shown in numerous clinical trials.

We have a pilot study underway right now where we have thousands of people using these natural approaches to lose pounds and inches by shifting their metabolism toward fat loss and muscle gain. Participants are not only looking better with improved body composition – but are feeling better with improved mood, higher energy, and better stress resilience.

Imagine that – natural approaches that harness your body’s own metabolic machinery – to help you lose weight and feel great – without synthetic-driven side effects. I only hope that more people can learn about them…

Natural Allergy Relief?

If you have “seasonal allergies” with symptoms such as itchy eyes, stuffy/runny nose, sneezing, tiredness, etc – then you might be interested in a research study of a natural “glucan” (extracted from yeast) that may be able to help?

Do you have seasonal (pollen) allergies?




(CM-glucan) for its effectiveness on measures of mood, quality of life, inflammation, stress and the microbiome in self-described allergy sufferers.

  • 6 Week Supply of Supplement (CM-Glucan) or Placebo
  • 3 (at-home) Measurement Sessions
    • surveys 
    • inflammation & stress markers (at home saliva sample kit)
    • microbiome (at home stool sample kit)
  • $50 gift card as a thank you after completion of required measurements

Please contact:          

 Julie Talbott

3 Waves Wellness, LLC


CMWC – Next Registration May 1

Hi Everyone – thanks for such an amazing response to our special “Early Access” period for the first class of students earning their ONLINE Certification as a Mental Wellness Coach!

We planned to close the registration on March 31, but due to numerous requests, we kept the registration link open thru the weekend (April 1 & 2) – and it is now closed.

We will reopen registration on May 1 – this will give all the students who are currently enrolled ample time to work through all of the modules, take the quizzes, read articles, ask questions, and provide feedback.

We are getting excellent feedback – and making the CMWC better every day – so each and every offering will be more and more robust.

As the science around the Microbiome-Gut-Heart-Brain-Axis and its impact on Mental Wellness expands, we will keep expanding the course so all CMWCs can stay on the cutting edge to help their clients and customers feel and perform at their best.

Please stay tuned…

“Early Access” Closing for Online Mental Wellness Certification

Just wanted everyone to know that the discounted “early access” rate for the online Certified Mental Wellness Coach (CMWC) is scheduled to close at midnight tonight – but we are going to keep it open over the weekend for anyone who wants to join at the discounted $300 rate before it reverts to it’s normal cost of $500 (which is still amazing).

Love + Joy + Connection = Peak Experience & Performance

I read a short but interesting article from the guys who run Growth Equation (which I support and recommend – you can do the same here).

They were writing about how an astronaut, a Navy SEAL, an elite runner, and a world-class Ironman coach could teach us about peak performance (I know, it sounds like one of those ‘man walks into a bar” jokes)…

They were all speaking at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference – which I’ve never been able to fit into my schedule, but as a Sloan alum (entrepreneurship), I’ve been trying and dying to get to!

The fun part was that they they ALL described how the approach to peak performance involved some aspect of the “soft” skills like “love” or “joy” or “connection” with teammates. These are often thought of a ‘woo-woo’ and definitely not the kind of “data-driven” metrics that drive many of the “marginal gains” that characterize modern discussion about peak performance and yet they work and make ALL the difference.

As Steve writes, “Of course you also need the hard work, the deliberate practice, and even some data, science, and gadgets to understand how to perform better. But too often, we reach for the special routine, the supplement, the optimization of our work schedule, and neglect the human component. We don’t cultivate joy and love—of the process and of those on our team.


Just Get Rid of the Crappy Stuff…

I just loved this little piece of advice from Ryan Holiday’s newsletter (which you should subscribe to)…

For everything you add, take something away. There’s a great story of Mark Parker who, just after he became CEO of Nike, called Steve Jobs for advice. “Just one thing,” Jobs said. “Nike makes some of the best products in the world. Products that you lust after. But you also make a lot of crap. Just get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff.” “He was absolutely right,” Parker said. “We had to edit.” Because we’ve always done it this way, is not a good reason.

I also liked this one – because while Ryan and his wife opened a bookstore – my wife and I opened a wellness-oriented Bed & Breakfast – because none of us should be waiting for “someday”…

The number one thing people say when they hear we have a bookstore is “I’ve always wanted to do that.” That’s a sad thing to say. If you want to do something, do it. I’m not saying it will be easy or even fun…but Seneca is right when he said that the one thing fools all have in common is that they are always telling themselves someday.

NAMI Keynote

I’m very excited to deliver the Keynote presentation tomorrow at the NAMI Conference in Honolulu – here are the slides that I’ll be using (download link below) – it is a LOT of slides, but many are for reference because I want the attendees to have a deep understanding of the Microbiome-Gut-Heart-Brain-Axis as a new paradigm to help our clients feel their best with optimized Mental Wellness.

UPDATE – I recorded the audio of my presentation – so you can download the audio and the slides and “follow along” as I present the ~1-hr seminar and Q&A session – it was a lot of fun!

Last week, we opened a special “Early Access” registration for the online version of the Certified Mental Wellness Coach program (CMWC) – to bring education about #MentalWellness to as many people as we can – and the response has been amazing! There is clearly a huge need for education around natural approaches for improving Mental Wellness…

If you’re interested in the type of content that we cover in the CMWC, you can get a good idea by watching the recording of the 2-day class (16 hours!) that we did in Nashville a few months ago (Day 1 and Day 2 are posted on YouTube – which you can subscribe to for notifications about new uploads).

Here is the outline of my presentation for the NAMI Conference – we will try to record it and post the video here…

Hearts & Minds & Microbiomes – Oh My!

-optimizing mood, motivation, and mental wellness by optimizing the brain-body-biome.

Presentation Description…

1. How the Microbiome-Gut-Brain-Heart-Axis is related to mental well-being

2. How to engineer their microbiome for ultimate mental performance (stress, mood, energy, focus, sleep, resilience, etc).

3. How to choose probiotics, prebiotics, and other nutrients for maximum benefits.

Learning Objectives…

1. Understand how bacteria in our gut determine what happens in our brain and relate to our overall mental well-being?

2. Understand how those signals get out of balance – and how to rebalance them?

3. What are some of the mistakes that people make when they think about “gut health”?

4. Can people do this with food and exercise alone – Where do supplements fit in?

Top resources…

Mental Fitness by Shawn Talbott

The Mind Gut Connection by Emeran Mayer

The Psychobiotic Revolution by Scott Anderson

Brain Changer by Felice Jacka

This is Your Brain on Food by Uma Naidoo


Dr. Shawn Talbott is a PsychoNutritionist who integrates nutrition, biochemistry, and psychology to help people feel, look, and perform better. 

As a scientist (PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry, Rutgers) and entrepreneur (EMP in Entrepreneurship, MIT), his recent projects include two academic textbooks, an award-winning documentary film, several best-selling books translated into multiple languages, and numerous top-selling nutraceuticals and functional foods.

Dr. Talbott runs the Amare Wellness Center and trains people as Certified Mental Wellness Coaches in Plymouth, MA and online at Marietta College.