Enhance Your Personal Fulfillment and Earning Potential as a Certified Mental Wellness Coach

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Join our Mental Health Coaching Certification Program and make a real difference in people’s lives! 

Our streamlined, focused, intense course spans 16 hours of instruction and will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to become a certified expert in this field.

As a certified coach, you’ll gain the tools and resources necessary to confidently support your clients and personalize your coaching methods for long-lasting results.

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The free trainings will cover:

  • The Most Important Health Tips for Clients and Yourself
  • The Linkage Between the 3-Brains (brain, heart, and gut)
  • The BEST Diet to Recommend to Clients
  • How To Choose The Appropriate Probiotic for Client Needs
  • The Mental Wellness Food Pyramid
  • And more!

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Maximize Your Potential

Here's some of what you will experience by becoming mental wellness certified:

  • Personal fulfillment
    Helping others improve their mental wellness often fosters deeply rewarding experiences that provide a sense of personal fulfillment.
  • Career advancement
    Certification as a mental wellness coach can open up new career opportunities and enhance your professional reputation.
  • Increased knowledge
    Through our certification program, you'll gain a deeper understanding of mental health and wellness, which will empower you to better serve your clients.
  • Improved credibility
    Certification provides credibility and reassurance to potential clients that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to help them.
  • Higher earning potential
    Certification can lead to higher earning potential as you become recognized as an expert in the field and more in demand.


Dive deep into the intricate connections between diet, lifestyle, and the Microbiome-Gut-Heart-Brain-Axis, and discover how these factors harmoniously influence Mental Wellness. Our course provides you with comprehensive tools crucial for guiding your clients toward peak mental health.

Our workshops are meticulously crafted to surpass the standards of leading certification programs. Upon completion, you won't merely possess knowledge; you'll gain a deep understanding of numerous pivotal aspects of mental health and wellness.

Join us as we navigate evidence-based natural strategies. Empower yourself and your clients to revitalize mental well-being and boost physical performance in every facet of daily life. Here’s a preview of the specific topics our affordable program covers…

  1. 1
    What is Mental Wellness Coaching
      • Education, Guidance, Training, and Support to help
         unlock potential.
  2. 2
    What Mental Wellness Coaching is NOT
    • Counseling, treatment, prescribing, medicine…
  3. 3
      • Workshop Format
      • 500+ slides (many for reference)
  4. 4
    Part 1 – Science
      • New Paradigm of the Gut-Heart-Brain-Axis
      • Science-based products (how supplements fit)
      • Mental Wellness Economy
      • Science Deep Dive
  1. 5
    Part 2 – Practice – What to DO?
     • Mindset
     • Ingredient Sourcing
     • Functional Nutrition
     • Immune System
     • Stress
     • Gut-Brain-Axis
     • Endotoxemia / Metabolism
     • Heart-Brain-Axis
     • Physical Performance
     • Sleep
     • Anti-Aging

As a mental wellness professional, you understand the importance of evidence-based natural strategies. 

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What is Mental Health Coach

A mental health coach is a trained professional who provides guidance, support and accountability to individuals looking to improve their mental wellbeing. This can include helping them set and achieve goals, develop healthy habits, manage stress and anxiety, and overall increase their sense of fulfillment and happiness in life.

What are the requirements for becoming a Mental Health Coach?

To become a Mental Health Coach, one typically needs relevant education or training in mental health or coaching. Certification from a recognized coaching organization is often required. Additionally, ongoing education and training are essential to stay updated in the field. Furthermore, adherence to a professional code of ethics is crucial for maintaining standards and trust in this role. Specific requirements, however, may vary depending on the region or organization. To get certified as a Mental Health Coach in my program, you need only sign up for my email list, and watch for a notification that enrollment is open for my Mental Health Coaching Certification program, and then sign up and complete the program.

What is the process for becoming a Mental Health Coach?

To become a Mental Health Coach, one usually undergoes relevant education or training, obtains certification from a recognized coaching organization, pursues ongoing education, and adheres to a professional code of ethics. Specific processes may vary by region or institution. You can become a Mental Health Coach in my program by signing up for my email list, and getting notified of the next upcoming class/certification enrollment.

Boost Credibility, Income, and Positive Transformations 

Becoming a mental health coach requires dedication, education, and passion for helping individuals improve their mental well-being. While there are no strict requirements, completing a reputable certification program can increase your credibility and legitimacy in the field.

With the growing importance of mental health in our society, pursuing a career in mental health coaching offers a rewarding opportunity for those dedicated to enhancing the well-being of others.