Probiotic Strain Specificity

Dr. Shawn Talbott (Ph.D., CNS, LDN, FACSM, FACN, FAIS) has gone from triathlon struggler to gut-brain guru! With a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry, he's on a mission to boost everyday human performance through the power of natural solutions and the gut-brain axis.

This is THE most important factor when choosing a probiotic supplement – and yet most consumers and most of the industry fails to take the STRAIN into consideration when choosing or formulating a product.

I’ve been talking about “strain specificity” for about 10 years – and I continue to be astonished that only a handful of companies are formulating strain-differentiated probiotics – and that the vast majority of consumers have no idea about the concept that different strains of probiotic bacteria can have completely different effects (for example – different strains to solve vastly different problems from depression to inflammation to constipation to eczema to appetite control – and dozens more).

This video (and audio transcript below) is a recording of my weekly webinar for Certified Mental Wellness Coaches – a group of professionals who are specifically trained to help clients choose the right lifestyle interventions (including targeted probiotic strains) to improve their mental and physical fitness).

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: Alright, everybody. Thanks for joining me tonight. I’m not gonna start until the top of the hour. About 2 min, maybe a minute and a half. I won’t. I won’t get into the good stuff, at least until until the top of the hour. But sorry for the lighting this is, gonna be weird lighting tonight. I’m in my hotel room in Philadelphia. I’m here for the natural products. Expo so I spent most of the day

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: actually just got off an Amari webinar just just a couple of minutes ago, where I was talking about the case against Melatonin. So something that we’ve talked about here in the in the, in the coaching call previously. So I did that for Amari. I explained to them that you know I’m here at this, at this national products Expo, and on that one because it was about Melatonin I was saying that there’s been so many melatonin products that I see. And I’ve

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: I’m pointing this way because the convention center is like, right there across the street from my hotel, tons and tons of melatonin products but I’m also starting to see a lot of melatonin free products that have, you know, cama meal or passion flour or lemon bomb, or something like that, right? Which are all good ingredients. I’ve talked about those before. I’ve used them in lots and lots of different products in my in my career. But they’re not

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: for sleep, right? They’re for relaxation. And so if you’re trying to do sleep.

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: there’s there’s better ways. You can do that if you’re trying to do relaxation. Those are. Those are fine. And so they could be part of a sleep product. But you also need something to help to help with sleep quality. So I explained that on the on the last webinar and you guys are heard me talk about that in a in a previous webinar here. What I’m gonna talk about today. I was planning on talking about

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: the linkage between the gut microbiome and the immune system. And I was. Gonna talk about that, because, I’m seeing all these reports around the country of Covid spiking in different places. And so people are gonna be concerned about their about their about their immune systems. I you know I when I was on the train yesterday, coming down from Boston to to Philadelphia. There were people wearing masks again in the train station, and all

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: on the train. You see them at the National Product Expo, you know. So like. I don’t think we’re gonna get to a point where there’s like mask mandates again. But you know there are colleges like at at my at my college. Well, at this college, Marietta College. They sent out an email to all the faculty, saying, Hey, we’re seeing a spike on campus which makes sense, right? All the kids are coming back and sort of congregating and being around each other. And you know, I mean, you always see.

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: you know, viruses go up at the beginning of a of a of a school year. You see it in grade schools, you see, in high schools. You see it in in colleges. But now we’ve got this. You know, this new specter of you know Covid is out there, and you know people should be concerned about their immune systems all the time. Not just when there’s a pandemic, not just when we hear these reports of spikes. So that’s what I was gonna talk about. And then I had to travel.

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: Last week I had some, some, some unplanned travel that came up really quick, or really sort of out of the blue, so I apologize for having to cancel last week. But then, being at this natural products, Expo

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: was talking to a bunch of people about probiotics, and what I realized is that in general the natural products industry still

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: doesn’t understand this idea of strain specificity. And so what I wanted to do is is like really hammer that home. I know in the in the course that you guys have all been through, or you know, you’re all at different points of the course, you know. See, it’s it’s it’s it’s conceivable that you haven’t, that you’re on this webinar right now, and you haven’t gotten to that part of the course yet. But strain specificity is a really really important

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: important part of understanding probiotics. And so I just wanted I just wanna emphasize that piece. And and I’ll and I’ll tie the immune system discussion in in with that. Okay, I was. Gonna say something else about that.

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: Anyway, it’ll it’ll it’ll it’ll probably come back to me. Okay, so probiotics are a massive, massive category. So I pulled some statistics real quick before I before I put these slides together. Here’s the global probiotics market. It. It’s expected to be almost 74 billion dollars by 2030. That is astonishingly big. That is a ginormous category. And it’s just it’s growing and growing and growing. And I think this this

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: this annual growth rate down here of almost 9% over that over that period of you know, 9, 9, 9 years or so. I think that might be an underestimate, because I don’t think that what this takes into consideration is how quickly the microbiome science

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: is progressing right? Not literally. Not a day goes by where a really interesting scientific paper about the microbiome. And something comes out, you know. So you know, we talk a lot in this course, obviously about the microbiomes linkage to mental wellness. But it’s linked to

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: cancer. It, you know, which is an immune system thing. It’s linked to longevity. It’s linked to Alzheimer’s. It’s linked to. I mean, you you name it. It’s linked to physical performance. I mean, it’s it’s

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: it’s everything. Now it’s you guys have heard me say this before. What we’re learning about. The microbiome is fundamentally changing everything that we understand about mental wellness, everything we understand about physical health, everything we understand about the aging process, everything that we understand about what it even means to be a healthy human. So II think that if if we consider anything that has to do with the microbiome to be the quote.

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: probiotics category? I think I think it could be. I think it could be a lot more than 74 billion dollars by 2030. Okay, so big market getting bigger. Lots of people are interested. But at the lunch that I was at today, you know, we’re all going around like, Oh, what do you do? Where are you from? Blah blah blah. And I was like, Oh, I’m a product formulator. And you know, II kinda specialize in, get brain access and

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: probiotics and things like that. Every single person on the table was like, Oh, probiotics! Probiotics are huge, and I want to do a probiotic at my company and blah blah blah. And you know I tried to talk about this idea of of strain specificity, and I look around the table. Not a single person knew what I was talking about.

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: Not one. And so, you know, these are the round conference tables. So there are 8 of us, 10 of us at the at the table, and I was the only one. So I had to do a little mini seminar right there at lunch about probiotics, strain specificity, and what I said. And this one girl had this look of of horror on her face. She d she d because she thought she knew probiotics.

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: And I said, Look, strain, specificity is like this. You might have one strain that helps with diarrhea, and you might have another strain that helps with constipation. Those are completely opposite effects. And most of the most of the boosts that we’re gonna see tomorrow are just gonna say

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: probiotics. And they’re not gonna tell you what the strain is. And so the look on her face was just like what she had never heard of this before, and she wasn’t a Newbie, either. She’s someone who’s been in the natural products industry for a long time. So I did a quick little

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: survey in the, in the, in the brochure that they give us of who’s who’s exhibiting here. And there’s lots and lots of probiotics, and most of them are generic probiotics that are here. They are like these kinds of things that you see on the shelf, right? Because this is a natural products expo. So one side of the Expo are finished products things that you would find in

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: whole foods and Trader Joe’s and mothers and like health food stores. Right? So you know, they’re all about sustainable agriculture, and, you know, clean ingredients and nothing artificial, and those are all great things.

00:07:54.540 –> 00:08:03.830
Dr. Shawn Talbott: but I think they don’t necessarily have the scientific acumen to know. Oh, wait a minute. I don’t want to be just putting Lactobacillus Acidophilus

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: generic in my product. I wanna be putting Lactopacillus Helveticus r 0 0 52 in my product. Like, I don’t think that level of sophistication is in most of those products that I’m gonna see. Tomorrow it’s in some right, there will be some good science based products here, but it there, there’s still few and far between.

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And in the scientific realm this is not a new story.

00:08:30.480 –> 00:08:41.099
Dr. Shawn Talbott: but in the consumer realm. I think it is something that has just not gotten through, for whatever reason. So what I wanted to do is is is, do it sort of a survey

00:08:41.230 –> 00:09:02.279
Dr. Shawn Talbott: of all these different, all these different probiotic strains, and what we what we use them for. And I’m gonna use all Amari products as the as the example. So here’s here’s the easiest way for us to understand this. And I think I have a slide something like this in the part of the course that talks about probiotic strains, specificity. We can think of them.

00:09:02.280 –> 00:09:26.230
Dr. Shawn Talbott: De these different strains think of them as breeds of dogs. So when you look across all of these dogs. They are the same genes and species, but the breed is what differentiates them. To us. Right? A Dalmatian is different than a whatever this is. That’s probably a mastiff. Is that a mastiff that if if you guys can see my cursor and this guy down here is a

00:09:26.230 –> 00:09:53.959
Dr. Shawn Talbott: I don’t know what he is a Pomeranian, and that’s a German shepherd, and I don’t know what all these dogs are. But you guys get the idea right that all these different breeds are like different strains of bacteria. So if you went down to the pet store and you walked in and said, Hey, I’m looking for a dog. They would look at you like a crazy person, right? Like, what do you? What? What kind of dog? What do you want it. What do you want it to do? Do you wanna guard dog? Do you wanna lap dog? Do you wanna hunting dog?

00:09:53.960 –> 00:10:01.110
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Do you wanna like what you know that that’s what we have to ask ourselves. What do we want this probiotic to do?

00:10:01.460 –> 00:10:19.599
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Treat our constipation, treat our diarrhea, treat our depression, treat our anxiety, our stress, our eczema, our upper respiratory tract infection. Do we want it to help us run further? Do we want to help us lose weight? Do we want to help us with our appetite? There are strains that do all those things.

00:10:19.600 –> 00:10:33.350
Dr. Shawn Talbott: And and so you need to know what strain, for what benefit, or vice versa. You have to know what benefit you’re looking for, and then and then find find a strain that does that. And what I said what I certain the way I left it with the group of people that I was having lunch with

00:10:33.610 –> 00:10:45.410
Dr. Shawn Talbott: was I said, you know, this is, gonna make your head spin to try to learn all of this, but the companies that are using the right strains will go out of their way

00:10:45.410 –> 00:11:10.039
Dr. Shawn Talbott: to tell you why, they’re using that strain right? They’ll talk about their psychobiotic strains. They’ll talk about their their metabolic balance strains. They’ll talk about their physical performance strains, you know that like, if they’re gonna go through the effort of choosing those strains and doing the research and putting them in the products and making sure that they’re, you know, protecting that bacteria at whatever level it needs to be protected and giving it to you at the right level.

00:11:10.040 –> 00:11:20.890
Dr. Shawn Talbott: The the, you know, the however, many billions of cfus it needs to be delivered at? And does it need to be refrigerated, or is it room, room temperature, stable? All that kind of stuff.

00:11:20.890 –> 00:11:42.750
Dr. Shawn Talbott: The companies that are doing it right will go out of their way to explain to you. This is what we’re using. This is why we’re using it. You know all that kind of stuff, and the ones that just say, here’s our 15 different species, that and leaves it at that. Those are the ones you need to to to steer clear of. Okay, so let me let me show you what I what I mean by that.

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Dr. Shawn Talbott: and like like every like every weekly webinar, please put your, you know. Put your questions in the chat, and colleen. I didn’t know you’re from Philly.

00:11:51.590 –> 00:11:52.950
Dr. Shawn Talbott: How did I not know that

00:11:53.480 –> 00:12:13.089
Dr. Shawn Talbott: that’s awesome? Very cool. Put your questions in the chat. I’ll get to those at the end, or I’ll look at them periodically, and then we can. We’ll unmute at the end. And we’ll, you know, we’ll go through our troubleshooting like we usually do. So I think when most people think of probiotics. They’re thinking of of a blend like this. So this is our probiotics product. 5 different streets

00:12:13.160 –> 00:12:21.059
Dr. Shawn Talbott: strain. So we use about a dozen different strains across the Amari product line, all for very, very different

00:12:21.060 –> 00:12:44.789
Dr. Shawn Talbott: effects, very, very different benefits. So a lot of people think of probiotics as well. They’re bacteria and the microbiome in the gut. So these are supplements that we take for the gut. And so if you’re taking them for the gut, it might be like this. Bifidobacterium bifidum. Bb, 6. This one helps maintain microflora balance because it can like it can sort of push out some of the bad guys.

00:12:44.790 –> 00:12:47.620
Dr. Shawn Talbott: if you if you supplement with this

00:12:47.620 –> 00:13:02.560
Dr. Shawn Talbott: here’s a bit for the bacterium elongum bl, BL 0 5 helps with gastrointestinal discomfort caused by stress la, 14 increases mineral bioavailability. So absorption.

00:13:02.640 –> 00:13:05.779
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Mineral absorption! That’s sort of a gut thing.

00:13:05.790 –> 00:13:13.399
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Lc. 11. Modulation of of immune immune system. Function.

00:13:13.560 –> 00:13:32.739
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Lr, 32. This one is sort of sort of a motility it can help with diarrhea, or it can help with constipation. Right? It’s sort of a like a regulating sort of sort of a bacteria. So th, you know, these are all kind of, you know. Gut discomfort, gas, bloating digestion

00:13:32.740 –> 00:13:41.700
Dr. Shawn Talbott: kinds of strains. Right? So so that’s great. But what we talk about a lot in this course are psychobiotics. The kinds of

00:13:41.700 –> 00:14:06.010
Dr. Shawn Talbott: bacteria that can help change mood. And that’s what we have in the fundamentals products. So you you supplement with those you’re able to change the structure and the function of the microbiome. As a result of that, you’re able to improve mood, state, and all these different parameters. Right? So you guys have seen those slides before. What happens in the gut doesn’t stay in the gut. What happens in the gut gets transmitted to the brain. This, you know.

00:14:06.010 –> 00:14:11.340
Dr. Shawn Talbott: second brain talks to the first brain. So we feel better. And so what those strains look like

00:14:11.720 –> 00:14:27.390
Dr. Shawn Talbott: are completely different strains. So lactivacillis, rheumnnosis 11 or, more specifically, R. 0 0 11. That’s the anti stress strain. That’s the one that we know. We know the way that it works is by lowering cortisol

00:14:27.390 –> 00:14:45.059
Dr. Shawn Talbott: body’s primary stress hormone and raising Gaba, the body’s primary, relaxing neurotransmitter. So you know, it’s if we’re gonna help someone control stress, we can either dial down a stress signal or dial up a relaxation signal, and this bacteria

00:14:45.060 –> 00:14:59.889
Dr. Shawn Talbott: just happens to do both of those. So you feel less stressed, and that’s good, and you feel more relaxed. And that’s good. And so that’s why you that’s why you really feel it. Because you’re feeling it on both sides of the sort of negative

00:14:59.890 –> 00:15:25.670
Dr. Shawn Talbott: you know, balance points, you know, the seesaw. So that’s a that’s a really really nice one. And this is the this is the one that I’ll use sometimes to explain to people what strain specificity really means. So this is a psychobiotic strain. All 3 of these are psychobiotic strains lack the bacillus ramnosis 11. Does this anti-stress lack the bacillus. Ramnosis 32. Where did we see that before? Let me go back real quick.

00:15:26.040 –> 00:15:51.010
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Here’s 32 right here. This is the regulating strain. So this is very similar, Lactobacillus Ramnosis. But at a DNA level it has different genetics than the than the 11 strain. So it does different things like genetically, they’re different. So think of these as Lactobacillus Ramnosis. They’re both dogs, but they’re different breeds. One of them is a German shepherd

00:15:51.010 –> 00:16:23.829
Dr. Shawn Talbott: effort, and one of them is a Chihuahua, if you, if you will, to get to get that as a as a sort of you know, picture in your mind one that’s that’s that’s that’s exhibiting at the show is lactopacillas, Ramnosus. Gg, that’s the strain that’s in culture. L that’s the one that helps with travelers diarrhea and so that’s one I recommend to people all the time if they’re having, you know, upset stomachs, and they’ve just come back from a trip to you know South America or Mexico, or something like that. And they’ve got a little bit of, you know, travelers, diarrhea

00:16:23.830 –> 00:16:39.659
Dr. Shawn Talbott: I think I’ve mentioned before to you guys the one Lactobacillus remnosis that helps with vaginal yeast infections. So you have a woman that’s having recurrent yeast infections. Give give her a a month or so of lactose remnosis.

00:16:39.660 –> 00:17:04.200
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Yeast infections go away, and they don’t come back for a long period of time. Usually. So I mean, completely, completely, completely different effects just based on that stream designation. And and then the other psychobiotics before the bacterium longum, 1 75 helps with anxiety. Lactopacillas, Helvetica’s 52 helps with depression, you know. And so the the the cool thing about these is that

00:17:04.460 –> 00:17:22.120
Dr. Shawn Talbott: because the DNA analysis has been done, we know what the strain designation is, because the biochemical analysis has been done. We know how they work and because they’ve been supplemented in human trials. We, we know that they work in a real life setting, you know. So like most

00:17:22.930 –> 00:17:46.020
Dr. Shawn Talbott: probiotics out there don’t have that luxury, you know. So one of the guys at the table today, he goes, well, how do you know? Like when you when you make something? And he was referring to like fermented foods which I’m gonna talk about at the end, at the at the end of of tonight, he said, you get all these different ones. You get all these different strains of bacteria, and you can’t really differentiate which ones are in there.

00:17:46.020 –> 00:18:09.200
Dr. Shawn Talbott: And I said, You can, if you do the right analysis. If you do the DNA DNA analysis and you can. You can say, this lactic remnosis is this one this lacked remnosis? Is this other one? And then, once you’ve identified that one, then you can take that one and you can culture it specifically. And that’s exactly how these companies do it. So these, all these 3

00:18:09.690 –> 00:18:14.930
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Amari actually sources from one French company that that

00:18:14.930 –> 00:18:39.849
Dr. Shawn Talbott: cultivates all of them, you know. So like you, you you grow it, you know, just like a you know. There’s a bit well, they grow up in these these enormous vats. It looks like a it looks like a brewery in the play, you know. Big, stainless steel vats where that one’s lactose remnosis 11 that one’s good for bacterium long on 1 75, that one’s Helvetica’s 52. We actually have a have a partnership with that company where they blend all of these together

00:18:39.850 –> 00:19:09.560
Dr. Shawn Talbott: for us. So we have a, we have a 3 strain blend that is in antibiotics, in kids fundamentals. And it’s a unique sort of thing for for Omari. But but these these 3 are, you know they’re they’re they’re they’re available separately. What was I gonna say? I was, gonna say something else about this? Yeah. So you know that you know the DNA analysis. You know the metabolism, you know the clinical efficacy. And I think one of the reasons that the industry has still not caught up on this is that

00:19:09.820 –> 00:19:17.149
Dr. Shawn Talbott: these techniques didn’t exist 10 years ago. So I think a lot of the industry is still saying

00:19:17.150 –> 00:19:41.439
Dr. Shawn Talbott: what we what we said 10 years ago. Oh, probiotics are generally good. You’d rather have some probiotics than no probiotics. So eat your yogurt drink your kombucha you know. Do all those sorts of things, and sure supplement sure supplement with a with a broad spectrum multi strain product. And you know, that’ll be that’ll be generally good. And that was the state of the art 10 years ago.

00:19:41.440 –> 00:19:50.320
Dr. Shawn Talbott: But now, with these DNA analysis techniques. We can. You know, we can measure your microbiome in an afternoon. You know all the bacteria in your gut.

00:19:50.400 –> 00:20:03.580
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Same thing here. We can use those same genetic techniques from the Human Human Human Genome Project to, you know, to really sort of fine tune and get down to, you know, precision nutrition levels with this kind of stuff. So those are the psychobiotics.

00:20:03.910 –> 00:20:26.119
Dr. Shawn Talbott: I’m also seeing at the show a growing number of what are called synbiotics. So sin sy, n, meaning like synergistic biotics. And so what most of those are is combining a probiotic with a prebiotic, and that together is a symbiotic. They’re not necessarily

00:20:26.540 –> 00:20:49.740
Dr. Shawn Talbott: synergistic unless you go through the work to match them up. So there’s lots of products. So so let me go back and give you give you another example. So we could call this product a probiotics, a symbiotic, because it has all the probiotics lactose, you know. La 14 bb. 6 blah blah blah blah! But what you notice right here.

00:20:49.840 –> 00:20:53.249
Dr. Shawn Talbott: if you guys can see my cursor, it says Inulin.

00:20:53.310 –> 00:21:23.030
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Inulin is a broad spectrum prebiotic. So it’s it’s a prebiotic fiber inulin sort of feeds all the good guys you could. You could make a case that inulin could potentially also feed bad guys if you had an E coli, or if you had a salmonella, and you took a big dose of inulin like a big dose like spoonfuls of it, you could potentially be nourishing the bad guys.

00:21:23.030 –> 00:21:37.890
Dr. Shawn Talbott: You’re not gonna get that sort of an effect here. The reason this is here is to be a broad spectrum that feeds most of the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterians. Right? So this, technically, is a symbiotic. I wouldn’t say it’s a very

00:21:37.890 –> 00:21:48.249
Dr. Shawn Talbott: elegance or precision approach to being a symbiotic but it’s there because we wanted to do broad spectrum, and we wanted to have broad spectrum

00:21:48.250 –> 00:22:14.449
Dr. Shawn Talbott: food, you know, you know, prebiotic for the probiotics there here in antibiotics or fundamentals or kids fundamentals, it’s a little bit different. So we have very, very specialized pre bi probiotics, the psychobiotics. And we also have very, very specialized prebiotics Isomalto, Oligosaccharide, Galactoologosaccharide Galactoman, and I’ve talked about. I’ve talked about all of these before

00:22:14.570 –> 00:22:37.009
Dr. Shawn Talbott: so I won’t I won’t spend too much time on that. But the reason these were chosen is because all of these have evidence to show that they help generally with resilience, which is another aspect of mental wellness. So people are able to handle stress better when they’re supplementing with any of these prebiotics, probably because they’re growing the good guys that produce the

00:22:37.060 –> 00:22:49.839
Dr. Shawn Talbott: neurotransmitters and serotonins and dopamines and th those sorts of things. But we but we went through the trouble to really make sure that they were matched. That Isofiber is feeding all of them.

00:22:50.120 –> 00:23:00.339
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Galacto Oligosaccharide is feeding primarily the Bifidos, and then the Galactoman is feeding the lactose right so this is a little more precision

00:23:00.340 –> 00:23:24.200
Dr. Shawn Talbott: on the symbiotic side. A little more specificity, a little more sort of targeted alignment than you would then you would typically see. But I am starting to see more of those products coming out and saying like, Oh, you know, it’s not just probiotics or just prebiotics. They’re both important for different things. And we’re trying to put them all in all in together. So we are seeing more of those products coming out, which is, which is cool. You know. II want the

00:23:24.200 –> 00:23:29.490
Dr. Shawn Talbott: I want the industry to, you know, to to, you know. Get get a couple of steps ahead.

00:23:29.580 –> 00:23:56.459
Dr. Shawn Talbott: so let’s shift gears a little bit. This is the. This is Gbx fit. This is, you know, when this was launched we called it the the world’s first quad biotic. So 2 of these are probiotic strains. So this first one, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Dr. 7, is the strain designation. This one helps increase dopamine levels. The reason we wanted that in a weight loss product is because when people are trying to lose weight, they’re usually.

00:23:56.600 –> 00:24:11.880
Dr. Shawn Talbott: you know, following a different kind of a diet which is a pain in the rear they’re probably exercising, and lots of people don’t like to exercise. So that’s a that’s a different pain in the rear, you know. They’re they’re they’re under more their bodies under more stress. Because, you know, they’re in a

00:24:11.880 –> 00:24:31.209
Dr. Shawn Talbott: you know, I don’t wanna say starvation state. But it’s definitely different than what they were doing before. And so the dopamine piece of it. If you can get a bacteria that makes more dopamine, they’re gonna feel better, and they’re gonna be more motivated while they’re on whatever plan that they’re on right. We recommend a plan to people, but some people go and they’ll do Keto, or they’ll do.

00:24:31.210 –> 00:24:41.139
Dr. Shawn Talbott: They’ll do Mediterranean, or they’ll do whatever they’re gonna do. Some people do fasting. Some people do, you know. Small, frequent meals, I mean, there’s a Zillion different ways to

00:24:41.210 –> 00:24:48.740
Dr. Shawn Talbott: sort of skin that cat, whatever they’re doing, we want them to feel good while they’re doing it. So that’s why we that’s we put a strand that that increases dopamine.

00:24:49.060 –> 00:25:15.459
Dr. Shawn Talbott: We had studied this bacteria a couple of years ago because we were gonna use it in a in a beauty product. We were gonna use it in. In a beauty from within product. And I’m gonna talk about one of those I’m gonna talk about antibiotics tonight. Our idea was, we knew that this could lower inflammation. So if you supplement somebody with lactivac, their systemic inflammation goes down.

00:25:15.460 –> 00:25:39.410
Dr. Shawn Talbott: That’s good for the brain. It’s good for the heart, it’s good for post exercise, recovery. It’s good for everything, because too much inflammation is bad for everything. If you take the inflammation away and get that chronic inflammation down. It’s good for everything. And one of the things that it’s good for is your skin tone. And so we thought, well, we’ll put this in like a beauty from within product. You take the capsule, your inflammation goes down.

00:25:39.410 –> 00:25:48.180
Dr. Shawn Talbott: your skin tone improves from the inside out sort of thing. And at that time we decided our, we’re not going to launch these skin products anyway. So we put it on the shelf.

00:25:48.180 –> 00:26:10.309
Dr. Shawn Talbott: And then, when we decided to to come out with with with Gbx fit, we thought, Okay, what are the biochemical signals that are leading people to have trouble losing weight, and one of those big signals is inflammation. If you’re over inflamed, your body tends to hold on to its fat much much

00:26:10.310 –> 00:26:28.399
Dr. Shawn Talbott: much more avidly than releasing fat. So if we can lower that inflammation, you take away a fat holding signal and you replace it with a fat, releasing signal. Okay? So that’s that’s why we decided to use that here. You feel good because of the dopamine and you lower inflammation

00:26:28.440 –> 00:26:52.789
Dr. Shawn Talbott: and and also bloating. There’s there’s a gastrointestinal effect there, so that so that people can can release the fat. So that’s why that strain is in there. You’ll notice this other strain over here. This is a strain called Bifidobacterium Lactase, BPL. One, and that BPL. One strain is really the fat release signal. That’s the one that is telling your fat cells to, to

00:26:52.790 –> 00:27:04.949
Dr. Shawn Talbott: to release its fat. These other signals are doing other things. This this prebiotic is helping with cravings. This phyobiotic is helping with stress and cortisol, which are which are signals that we’ve talked about in other places.

00:27:04.950 –> 00:27:12.550
Dr. Shawn Talbott: This one we call a postbiotic, because let me go on to this next slide. It’s technically dead.

00:27:12.910 –> 00:27:38.330
Dr. Shawn Talbott: So let me click through each one of these because I want to get I want to get to here you can see here in a couple of these slides. It says HTBL, one HTBL, one HTBL, one HT. Stands for heat treated. So this is a this is a different strain. They put a bacterium lactus. Bpl. One, but it’s the live version works.

00:27:38.330 –> 00:27:52.770
Dr. Shawn Talbott: and the dead version works, because what they’re what it’s doing is it’s somehow signaling the microbiome to tell the fat cells to release their fat. And if you gave this to people only this.

00:27:52.770 –> 00:28:12.749
Dr. Shawn Talbott: and you and you told them not to diet, not to change their diets, not to exercise, not to do anything, and they took it for 90 days. They’d lose about a dress size. Lose about a pant size, right? So you know, decent effect. It’s changing the signals from the microbiome to your fat cells, you’re losing fat. So a a lot of this fat was visceral fat. So belly fat.

00:28:13.210 –> 00:28:32.800
Dr. Shawn Talbott: That’s a different strain. Different set of signals than the other weight, loss, strain that we have in here the the DR. 7. So here’s these 2 separate strains that both do weight loss, but do it from completely different mechanistic biochemical mechanisms?

00:28:32.800 –> 00:28:44.210
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Does that make sense to everybody so? And th? Those are different than the psychobiotic strains? And those are different than the gastrointestinal strains or the immune system strains. So it’s just like

00:28:44.550 –> 00:28:54.009
Dr. Shawn Talbott: this is a. This is a story that hasn’t percolated out into the, into, the into the general public, unfortunately. So so let me let me answer this.

00:28:54.130 –> 00:29:04.869
Dr. Shawn Talbott: If if it if it works when it’s live and it works. If it’s dead, why do we use the dead one? Does anyone know somebody put it in the chat? If you, if you know like, why wouldn’t we use the live one.

00:29:06.920 –> 00:29:12.210
Dr. Shawn Talbott: They both work equally well. but we chose to use the dead one.

00:29:14.950 –> 00:29:16.169
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Why would we do that?

00:29:17.850 –> 00:29:34.609
Dr. Shawn Talbott: We have to call it a we can’t call it a probiotic. Technically, a probiotic has to be alive. That’s where this whole idea of postbiotics came from. Can’t be a probiotic. It’s not a prebiotic cause. Those are usually fibers. Phytobiotic is sort of our term for plant extracts that help the microbiome.

00:29:34.650 –> 00:29:39.599
Dr. Shawn Talbott: It’s E. It is easier. Donna anyone know why it’s easier

00:29:41.110 –> 00:29:49.010
Dr. Shawn Talbott: delivery. It’s not delivered any better. Or maybe you mean delivery like delivery like. How I get it to you. Is that what you mean by that

00:29:50.800 –> 00:29:52.030
Dr. Shawn Talbott: storage?

00:29:54.680 –> 00:30:20.470
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Yeah, if the the live one only has a a shelf life of about 2 weeks. So that doesn’t work like if you’re gonna put it into a capsule and put that capsule in a bottle and put that bottle in a warehouse temperature controlled warehouse, but still a warehouse for a few weeks or a few months, and then put it on a ups truck and then send it to Arizona in July.

00:30:20.530 –> 00:30:47.960
Dr. Shawn Talbott: It’s dead right? It’s dead, probably before it even got to the warehouse like you can’t do that is is, and you certainly can’t do that on, you know, in a global scheme, right where we might be manufacturing in the United States and sending it to Turkey, or manufacturing in Sweden and sending it to Denmark. Or, you know, like you can’t do that with a global footprint. So the fact that the heat treated the dead one works just as well.

00:30:47.990 –> 00:31:05.430
Dr. Shawn Talbott: The shelf life on a dead bacteria is forever right. As long as it. As long as it’s there it has, it has its signaling effect, it has its efficacy. So you don’t have to refrigerate it. You don’t have to do anything special to it. You don’t have to. You don’t have to particularly take care of it in any particular way.

00:31:05.620 –> 00:31:30.409
Dr. Shawn Talbott: so you know the conversation that I’ll have tomorrow when I talk to the probiotics people is well, you know how many, how many cfus are you giving, and do you have to keep it refrigerated? And do you have to? You know? Do you have to protect it from stomach acid, like heat resistant capsules, and like all that kind of stuff, if you know the strain, you have answers to all that kind of stuff, including the including the

00:31:30.410 –> 00:31:44.319
Dr. Shawn Talbott: you know the benefits that we’re talking about here. Okay, so there’s that one here’s another one that’s pretty cool. And I think a lot of people don’t even realize that th that there’s a strain of bacteria in this product called called pep. So pep is our

00:31:44.320 –> 00:31:55.029
Dr. Shawn Talbott: you know. Gut brain access soda, so to speak. It’s a, you know. Healthy energy drink works across the entire gut brain axis, and I think most people just

00:31:55.030 –> 00:32:25.030
Dr. Shawn Talbott: just drink it because it tastes good. It’s got. It’s got a nice blend in here. It’s got some natural caffeine. It’s got some fibers. It’s got ethianine to help, you know, de-stress you, and help with relaxed alertness and all that kind of stuff. But it’s got 2 billion cfus colony forming units of this probiotic called bacillus subtilis, DE 1 one. So de one is a particular strain of this really really stable

00:32:25.080 –> 00:32:26.480
Dr. Shawn Talbott: bacteria

00:32:26.590 –> 00:32:38.909
Dr. Shawn Talbott: that we can use in a ready to drink. So if we put in a ready to drink like this, let’s say we wanted to do a ready to drink version of antibiotics, we couldn’t do it

00:32:38.980 –> 00:32:54.409
Dr. Shawn Talbott: because those psychobiotic strains, even though they’re really really stable in a dry powder, they would not be at all stable in a liquid like this, especially a carbonated liquid. There’s no way they would survive. They would survive

00:32:54.870 –> 00:33:14.979
Dr. Shawn Talbott: 24 h, probably and for those we don’t have any data that they still retain their their effectiveness when they’re dead, like the like. The Bpl. One that I that I just talked about. So that’s sort of a unique situation. Typically, once the bacteria dies, it’s it’s it’s no longer effective. But this one.

00:33:15.080 –> 00:33:41.759
Dr. Shawn Talbott: this one is effective in in liquid, in, in a ready to drink format like that, because this particular strain will form a spore when it’s like when it’s under stress and and liquid environments would be considered a stress for a probiotic. It goes into a spore state, and when it’s in a spore state you can put it in liquid. You can put it carbonation. You can put it in a high acid environment. You could put it in

00:33:41.950 –> 00:34:07.960
Dr. Shawn Talbott: you could put it in chocolate, chip cookie, mix and put that in a 350 degree oven, and it would still come out, and you would eat that cookie, and then that that de 1 1 one once it reached your gut and reached a hospitable environment, then it would start doing its thing right. So it’s a really really cool one to use. And so you’ll see this showing up probably in cereals, in

00:34:07.990 –> 00:34:31.480
Dr. Shawn Talbott: protein bars, in protein shakes in like, in in all that kind of stuff, in like foods, because it’s such a stable bacteria. There’s another one that’s used in a lot of processed foods now called. It’s bacillus coagulins. 30 is a Strand designation, also a spore former whoops. I went to the I went to the next slide.

00:34:32.250 –> 00:35:01.129
Dr. Shawn Talbott: also really stable but I don’t use that in anything, and I probably won’t, because it doesn’t do a heck of a lot like it’s really stable. And it allows a processed food company to say with probiotics and a lot of people would look at that on the front of the package and go, oh, probiotics! Probiotics are good for me. I’m gonna buy that sugar, sweet and cereal with probiotics because it’s gonna do something good for my gut, but because they chose B

00:35:01.230 –> 00:35:20.610
Dr. Shawn Talbott: doesn’t really do a heck of a lot. It does a little bit of stuff for your immune system. It does a little bit of gut health, but not not anything really exciting, not not at least exciting enough for me to use it in a in a formulation. What this guy does, though, is something really, really cool. It’s a it’s both an anti-stress

00:35:20.610 –> 00:35:33.699
Dr. Shawn Talbott: and an immune enhancer in the same one. So they gave this to college students during final exam periods, and what they found was the students were less stressed.

00:35:33.700 –> 00:35:57.979
Dr. Shawn Talbott: They slept better. They focused better on their exams, and they got sick less often. Right? So think about what’s happening during exam time on college campuses. Students are staying up late. They’re eating junky food like Doritos and Red bulls to stay up studying, and they take their test. And then everybody gets sick right? That’s like the common thing that happens every single year on college campuses

00:35:58.170 –> 00:36:16.880
Dr. Shawn Talbott: around the entire globe. And they found that de 1 1 one helped alleviate all of those, because it’s helping change. What’s happening in the microbiome. That’s what’s happening changing in the axis, particularly immune system. And that’s what’s changing. What’s happening in the in the first brain in the head. So it’s a beautiful, lovely

00:36:16.880 –> 00:36:41.039
Dr. Shawn Talbott: strain, and because it’s so stable because it’s that spore former, we can put it into something like pep, which is something that’s being, you know, like our biggest consumers are kids and teenagers of brand partners that buy a case of it. And the kids drink all of it. So they’re getting, you know, not just a good taste, you know. They think it’s a healthy red bull, but it’s doing all these other wonderful things because we’re using that that particular strain.

00:36:41.370 –> 00:36:45.860
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Okay, just a couple of more. And then we’ll then we’ll open it up. So here’s the. Here’s this

00:36:45.910 –> 00:37:15.020
Dr. Shawn Talbott: skin one. So this is derebiotics. This is the spray that you spray in your mouth. And this does 2 things. It it it? Well, it has 2 main ingredients. One of them is a is a Moldovian dragon head extract. This helps your body make more collagen. So that’s good for skin, tone and skin, elasticity and strength and wrinkles, and all that kind of stuff. But the strain of bacteria that we use here Lactobacillus Sacchi, 65.

00:37:15.040 –> 00:37:25.809
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Is a probiotic strain that was extracted from fermented kimchi. And so I reason I really like this one is that it has a really good, like

00:37:25.830 –> 00:37:50.780
Dr. Shawn Talbott: folklore kind of a story. That’s now been backed up by science, right? So the folklore part of it is that Koreans have the most beautiful skin in the world, and the reason for it is because they’re always eating this fermented kimchi. Right? Kimchi is like, you know, fermented vegetables and cabbage and carrots, and you know all kinds of love, lovely stuff, and the way that it’s traditionally used.

00:37:50.840 –> 00:38:10.470
Dr. Shawn Talbott: you take a little bit of kimchi at every meal. So you’re having a little tiny bit of it at breakfast, little tiny bit at lunch, little tiny bit of dinner. And so you’re always getting dosed with this fermented food. Wh, that contains this very particular strain that just happens to be really good for skin inflammation. So here’s some of the data

00:38:10.730 –> 00:38:21.840
Dr. Shawn Talbott: about lactopasil 65. Lactopasil, saky 65. It is. This is also a heat treated one. So it retains its its efficacy because this is a

00:38:22.450 –> 00:38:46.499
Dr. Shawn Talbott: this is a liquid that you’re putting into your, that you’re spraying into your mouth. You need that like, you need that high stability and the fact that we can get it with a we get the effect with the heat treated just makes our job a lot easier in terms of, you know, stability and efficacy. But this is where it really shines really good clinical data on its ability to modulate, inflammate. So it works in the gut

00:38:46.500 –> 00:39:14.320
Dr. Shawn Talbott: to modulate inflammation which is part of the axis to modulate. I’m sorry to modulate immune system, which is part of the axis to modulate the systemic inflammation. And so that’s gonna be good for your tendonitis. It’s gonna be good for your heart health. It’s gonna be good for all the things that I said before, where we don’t want inflammation. We’re controlling that, but specifically the inflammation on the skin, something called atopic dermatitis.

00:39:14.320 –> 00:39:39.760
Dr. Shawn Talbott: which most of us most of us know by another name called called eczema, so your skin will be more hydrated. It’ll be better show better tone. It’ll have better elasticity all because of what you’re doing at the level of the microbial, and we can get that with this other strain. But you know, again, II like, I sound like a broken record. But it’s a really really important concept. You’re not gonna get that skin benefit from

00:39:39.760 –> 00:40:05.250
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Lactobacillus. Remnosis 32. You’re gonna get a gut motility effect. You’re not gonna get that skin benefit from lack ofacilic remnosis. 11, you’re gonna get anti-stress effect. You’re not gonna get you guys get the idea. This strain specificity is the most important concept when it comes to probiotics. And I’ll and I’ll I think I’ll end with this one. There may be 1 one more slide after this. Yeah, there is. There is one more slide after this.

00:40:05.580 –> 00:40:29.229
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Maybe there’s 2 more slides after this. I got a call from a friend of mine. She’s a she’s a a a Phd product developer kinda kind of like I am. She just took a new job with a company. I won’t tell you the name of the company. They’re brand new company I’ve known about them. They’ve been in sort of stealth mode for a couple of years. I talked to them when they when they when they started

00:40:29.230 –> 00:40:46.810
Dr. Shawn Talbott: they are doing synthetic biology. So she has held jobs at some of the biggest probiotic manufacturers. She understands strain specificity. In fact, we did a license deal with her company just before she left the last company

00:40:46.810 –> 00:41:13.400
Dr. Shawn Talbott: to license a another psychobiotic strain that we’ll be using in a product next year. I am super super excited to to be launching this. I’m not gonna tell you any more than that. So just you can. You can wait for for a year’s time to see that product come out. It’s gonna be a game changer, but we’ve we’ve gotten some exclusive positions on it. So she left that company. Luckily we did the deal before she left.

00:41:13.400 –> 00:41:23.170
Dr. Shawn Talbott: She’s now at this Synthetic Biology company, and they are developing, using using using genetic modification.

00:41:23.250 –> 00:41:29.819
Dr. Shawn Talbott: They’re taking a strain of bacteria and th the this this the slide that you see up here you have this slide in the deck

00:41:29.950 –> 00:41:40.329
Dr. Shawn Talbott: where I’m talking about anti-aging parameters, physical health and and aging parameters in the in the course. They’re doing this right here.

00:41:40.330 –> 00:42:10.130
Dr. Shawn Talbott: They’re taking a strain of bacteria that makes Gaba, and they’re genetically modifying it so that it will make triple the amount of gaba that it normally would. And they’re gonna be selling that as a strain. And so wha why is that? Good? Right? We talked about Gaba helps you relax, but it also does all these things. It modulates stress. That’s the relaxation piece of it. It improves your metabolism, which is like a blood sugar controlling effect. It helps with overall mood. It helps with sleep because Gaba is the

00:42:10.130 –> 00:42:30.750
Dr. Shawn Talbott: the neurotransmitter that we have to produce to help us relax enough so we can go to sleep. And then Melatonin takes over. After that it helps with irritable bowel syndrome like this would be a blockbuster drug if it ever went down the drug route. They’re taking it down a supplement route. But I’ll I guarantee there’s gonna be another

00:42:31.020 –> 00:42:44.160
Dr. Shawn Talbott: arm or wing of the company that is, gonna try to develop as a as a as a biological drug. And it would be a it’ll be a multi-billion dollar blockbuster drug if they ever get it approved. So anyway, I’m having some conversations with her.

00:42:44.410 –> 00:42:52.390
Dr. Shawn Talbott: and she’s like you. You guys might be interested in this. I thought of you first, and I said, Thanks a lot for thinking of us. But here’s my problem.

00:42:52.480 –> 00:43:06.589
Dr. Shawn Talbott: I don’t think that I would feel comfortable, and I don’t think my customers would feel comfortable using a genetically modified organism in their product. Right? You know. And so that’s the needle. She’s gonna have to kind of

00:43:07.340 –> 00:43:31.799
Dr. Shawn Talbott: thread and like navigate and say, like, Well, you know. Maybe some natural products companies are gonna not want it because it’s genetically modified. Maybe some are gonna want it. They’re gonna have to do a song and dance around. Is it natural? Is it not natural like that? It? It’ll be interesting to see how that all develops? But it’s good science. It’s good effect. They understand strain specificity. But they’re going one. They’re going deep

00:43:31.800 –> 00:43:49.430
Dr. Shawn Talbott: on strain specificity. And like they’re they’re they’re they’re basically developing a new strain because they have a strain that is a gaba producer. And now they’ve genetically modified it. So it’s going to have to be a new strain because it’s genetically different than it was in the first place. So

00:43:49.430 –> 00:44:00.730
Dr. Shawn Talbott: I don’t know. It’s interesting. I don’t think I’ll ever use it in one of my products, but you know she’s she’s a good scientist. She’ll she’ll figure out a way to get it into something. So there is one situation

00:44:00.810 –> 00:44:16.940
Dr. Shawn Talbott: where you don’t really care about probiotic strain specificity. And it’s when we’re talking about fermented foods. When we’re talking about fermented foods like Kafir. Where’s my cursor kafir yogurt kombucha which is fermented tea.

00:44:16.940 –> 00:44:34.390
Dr. Shawn Talbott: You. If anyone here is an Amari person and you’re coming to convention. Please come to the product area at some point because we have a kombucha that we’ve been working on for a while. And we’re gonna we’re gonna have like A, we’re gonna have like a little tasting

00:44:34.390 –> 00:44:47.689
Dr. Shawn Talbott: demo where you’re gonna get to taste some of the things that we’ve been working on. We don’t know if they’ll ever be products or not. But we thought like, Hey, we have all these cool things in the lab. Let’s let people taste them and see what they think. So we’ve got a really cool kombucha we’ve got.

00:44:47.720 –> 00:45:14.750
Dr. Shawn Talbott: We’ve got a really cool, like energy, mental kind of a powder. We have got a really cool, antioxidant gel, we’ve got all kinds of really cool, mad, scientist things. So we want people to come by and taste them and say, like thumbs up thumbs down, you know. Go back to the drawing board launch this tomorrow, like whatever your feedback is, we we we wanna hear it. So all these kinds of things are are different, you know, fermented foods every culture has

00:45:14.750 –> 00:45:21.599
there fermented food. We talked about kimchi and Korea, you know, sauerkraut Germany. You know all all that kind of stuff.

00:45:21.630 –> 00:45:31.199
Dr. Shawn Talbott: The reason you don’t care about the strains here is because what you care about with fermented foods is all the stuff that they make. So

00:45:31.340 –> 00:45:58.809
Dr. Shawn Talbott: this is a conversation I had with my which my with my lunch table, mates, where I was saying that you know here what? What the benefit of fermented foods is, all the stuff that gets made by the bacteria. So this is why you’re eating the fermented foods. You’re eating it for the oligosaccharides. You’re eating it for the polyphenols. You’re eating it for the short chain, fatty acids you’re eating it, for, like all that stuff that makes a fermented food taste kind of sour.

00:45:58.840 –> 00:46:21.370
Dr. Shawn Talbott: That’s the healthy stuff that is slightly acidifying your gut environment. And that’s what you want to grow the good bacteria. So you’re not taking the fermented food for the bacteria. You’re taking it for that gemish of all the stuff that the bacteria are making. And so so there! There’s some data out just last year showing that

00:46:21.370 –> 00:46:46.270
Dr. Shawn Talbott: fermented foods for a lot of people can be even more beneficial than fiber. So you know, if you had the choice of recommending somebody to get more fiber or recommending to to get more fermented foods you obviously would recommend. They get. They get some of both. But for a lot of people the fermented foods can give even a better effect, because we’re all so deficient in fermented foods like we’re deficient in fiber, and I make a big deal about

00:46:46.270 –> 00:47:05.870
Dr. Shawn Talbott: that, that most people are so fiber deficient that you’re starving your microbiome. And so that that’s great. But let’s say you have somebody who has a 10 gram a day fiber intake, which is really low. And you wanna get them up to 30. That’s a factor of 3 times right. That would get them from a bad place to a to a pretty good place.

00:47:05.870 –> 00:47:27.710
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Most people their fermented food intake is 0. So even if they add one serving of fermented food. It’s a huge magnitude change. So then, if they, you know, if they eat a yogurt for breakfast, and then they have a kombucha sometime in the afternoon, and then they have a beer in the after. In the in the evening. They’ve gone from 0 fermented foods to.

00:47:27.710 –> 00:47:49.820
Dr. Shawn Talbott: you know, to a lot of fermented foods. Right? So it’s a it’s a big, it’s a big delta. It’s a big, it’s a big change, whereas with fiber the the change might be big, it might be small, it might be medium. So fermented foods can have a big impact, especially in somebody who’s not not consuming any at all. So with that as sort of a background. That’s why, in our durobiotics topical.

00:47:50.410 –> 00:48:12.149
Dr. Shawn Talbott: we, it’s good for the skin microbiome, but not because we’re giving a particular strain. There are some products on the market that do give strains of bacteria specific strains of bacteria. There are specific anti acne strains. There are specific bad breath strains where you can give a bacteria in like an oral

00:48:12.150 –> 00:48:24.689
Dr. Shawn Talbott: toothpaste, or a mouthwash or a lozenge, and that can help reduce the the bacteria that cause bad breath. So there is some strain specificity when it comes to, to, to topical and to like personal care products.

00:48:24.690 –> 00:48:32.480
Dr. Shawn Talbott: But there’s not a lot of them. And the reason for that is, think about that. Think about the matrix that you’re trying to deliver it in. These are usually

00:48:32.480 –> 00:48:54.600
Dr. Shawn Talbott: creams and lotions and gels and things like that that are not typically very hospitable to a, to a you know, to the, to the viability of a probiotic strain. And so what we do here is we use this lactococcus ferment licate. And lysate is just means that this lactococcus, which is a particular

00:48:54.610 –> 00:49:00.540
Dr. Shawn Talbott: family of bacteria. It’s liced. It’s it’s broken up. It’s it’s

00:49:00.540 –> 00:49:21.439
Dr. Shawn Talbott: it’s it is basically put into a blender. And it’s broken up so that all the fermentation products, the oligosaccharides and the short chain fatty acids. And you know all those little Peptides are now in a in a broth, and we can take that broth and put it into our cream. And so you’re getting a like. This isn’t really a strain of bacteria.

00:49:21.440 –> 00:49:38.399
Dr. Shawn Talbott: It’s a it’s a fermentation cocktail of all that stuff. And the reason we want that on our skin is that just like fermented, fermented foods that you eat set up the right environment in your gut for the growth of good bacteria. Good microbiome.

00:49:38.430 –> 00:50:06.659
Dr. Shawn Talbott: using this fermentation cocktail on your skin, sets up the environment for the good skin bacteria to grow. So you have a good, robust, resilient skin microbiome. So it’s the same idea of eating fermented foods or putting fermented foods, so to speak, on your skin. You know, to get that to get that environment, so that the microbiome changes in a positive direction. So there are some places where probiotic strain specificity doesn’t apply.

00:50:06.660 –> 00:50:12.770
Dr. Shawn Talbott: But in most of the cases that we talk about as mental wellness coaches, it absolutely

00:50:12.770 –> 00:50:30.430
Dr. Shawn Talbott: applies. And it’s a and it’s a really important concept. So there’s your head spinning hopefully. That wasn’t too much. But like this is where we can really really add some value to the people that we’re coaching and the people we’re educating and the people we’re recommending products to. If we can understand this and say, Hey.

00:50:30.430 –> 00:50:51.889
Dr. Shawn Talbott: don’t go to the pet store and ask for any old dog. Know what breed you’re looking for right, and you know, make sure you go home with the with the poodle that you went in for versus the versus the Rottweiler that they’re trying to sell you. Okay? So you guys, you guys get the idea. So there, I’m stopping my share. I’m gonna see what time? Oh, good! We get a good good 10 min before the top of the hour. So I’m gonna go in here to the chat

00:50:51.890 –> 00:51:03.390
Dr. Shawn Talbott: and yeah, every college student should be drinking pep. That’s exactly right, because it’s helping their brain. It’s helping their gut. It’s helping their immune system is doing is doing all that kind of stuff.

00:51:04.130 –> 00:51:11.270
Dr. Shawn Talbott: so let me see, there’s just a bunch of comments in here. I don’t think I don’t think I see any questions. Let me. Let me scroll back up to the top and see if I missed anything.

00:51:11.470 –> 00:51:34.500
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Does the antibiotics cover a variety of issues? Sherry’s asking, yeah. So a a it does. Because if we’re talking just about the probiotic strains, those psychobiotics, those are helping different aspects of mood. Then if we shift and we start talking about the prebiotics. Those are helping mostly with resilience as a direct benefit.

00:51:34.500 –> 00:51:54.589
Dr. Shawn Talbott: But the indirect benefit is that they’re helping to grow the or enhance the metabolism of the probiotics that we’re giving. But then we have all kinds of other ingredients in there. I could run into the bathroom and grab my my antibiotics jar and read off what’s on the label. But we’ve got some theanin in there that’s helping with tension. We’ve got

00:51:54.600 –> 00:52:21.560
Dr. Shawn Talbott: we’ve got a blend of polyphenols in there that’s helping wake up the brain and activate the brain for blood flow and neurotransmitter like like neuron activation. So it’s doing a lot. But antibiotics really is. It’s helping with it’s helping with immune system regulation because of what it’s doing in the microbiome. So it’s doing a lot in just that one product, even though it’s kind of thought of as

00:52:21.560 –> 00:52:25.830
Dr. Shawn Talbott: that’s the that’s the gut mood product. Okay? But

00:52:25.830 –> 00:52:38.060
Dr. Shawn Talbott: you know, like we say here all the time. What happens in the gut doesn’t stay in the gut it permeates out into into all the rest. Okay, Gail’s asking good question, and then I’ll go to the hands that are raised. Is it possible to take too much?

00:52:38.120 –> 00:52:47.679
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Of R. 0 0 11 or R. 0 0 52 or the basic Amari products. If you’re feeling a virus coming on, is it wise to double the daily amount

00:52:47.790 –> 00:53:16.750
Dr. Shawn Talbott: when I feel something coming on, and when I travel right I was. So I’m in Philadelphia. I took the train down from Boston. I said to you guys, I saw people with masks on. Whenever I travel I always travel with antibiotics I always travel with meant to sync I always travel with digestive and probiotics. And I double dose while I’m traveling. So before I leave the hotel room in the morning, I supplement. When I come back to the hotel room in the evening I supplement again with all of those, because

00:53:16.750 –> 00:53:43.240
Dr. Shawn Talbott: I wanna keep my immune system vigilant when I’m in conferences and in trains and on airplanes. And you know planes, trains and automobiles, and all that kind of stuff. Right? I don’t do that all the time, though, you know. So that’s what we call flexible usage right? My immune system’s under more stress. So I supplement more. When I go back home my immune system will be under normal stress. So I’ll supplement normally, and you can’t. You can over supplement with probiotics, you?

00:53:43.240 –> 00:53:49.810
Dr. Shawn Talbott: I don’t think you could with these, because they’re at levels where

00:53:49.810 –> 00:54:18.719
Dr. Shawn Talbott: you’d really really have to go out of your way like there, I’ll I guarantee I’ll see products tomorrow at the Expo that are a trillion cfus and those products are generally recommended like, let’s say you go through a course of antibiotic therapy. You know you had a you had an infection. You had to do antibiotics for a week or a month, or something like that, and it completely decimated your microbiome. You actually might want to go and do a trillion cfus for a month

00:54:18.720 –> 00:54:29.349
Dr. Shawn Talbott: to repopulate your gut, but then, after that, no, so like it is possible to take too many for a period of time. But ours aren’t dosed at those at those kind of

00:54:29.350 –> 00:54:32.140
Dr. Shawn Talbott: like hyper mega dose

00:54:32.190 –> 00:54:44.039
Dr. Shawn Talbott: levels. But but those products exist. So you have to. You have to watch out for those. So let me let me go up here and see. Mom’s iphone is the first one that has it that has it up there. I’m not sure who that would be.

00:54:46.770 –> 00:54:49.780
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Does anyone know if their phone’s named Mom’s iphone?

00:54:51.350 –> 00:54:56.639
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Here, let me do this. I’ll I’ll click, ask to unmute and see if they can, and see if they get a message.

00:54:58.520 –> 00:55:11.830
Mom’s iPhone: Yes, it’s Katie Sue. I’m so sorry I need to change that. Well, you need to get one of your kids to change it? Probably. Yeah, yeah, I need Eric. He’s in the room listening. So

00:55:11.880 –> 00:55:25.980
Mom’s iPhone: what’s up? Okay? So this was very enlightening. There was some questions answered, but you would think I would understand this after 6, 7 years of this. But I just kind of tell me like about

00:55:26.550 –> 00:55:31.980
Mom’s iPhone: the process of of you know probiotics or microbes.

00:55:32.200 –> 00:55:36.280
Mom’s iPhone: It sounds like, you know, in my mind, it was like, Okay, you repopulate the gut

00:55:36.660 –> 00:55:46.980
Mom’s iPhone: takes what? 6 to 8 weeks to repopulate the gut, and then you’re good to go. But there, it seems like then what you’re saying is, probiotics are kind of going or microbes are going in and out all the time.

00:55:47.230 –> 00:55:48.999
Mom’s iPhone: Right? This is not like

00:55:49.240 –> 00:55:56.580
Mom’s iPhone: does that make sense? What is the what is the whole concept of repopulating the gut, or

00:55:56.580 –> 00:56:20.129
Dr. Shawn Talbott: just taking a probiotic, and immediately it works some. So yeah, so so we talked about this a little bit la, last time somebody had a similar question where some strains of probiotics are functional, meaning. You take them and they deliver an effect like an antidepression effect. For example, some of them are structural, meaning, you take it, and it sets up residence in your gut, and it grows there.

00:56:20.130 –> 00:56:25.219
Dr. Shawn Talbott: So some of the strains that we use it across the ones that I talked about are

00:56:25.220 –> 00:56:45.680
Dr. Shawn Talbott: transient. They’re they’re only functional. They never live in the gut they just come through. And they’ll say, for example, Hey, you guys over there make more serotonin. So this guy’s happier, and then they go away, and that effect goes away also. Right? So then you have to take it the next day to get more serotonin. You have to take it the next day to get more serotonin

00:56:45.680 –> 00:56:55.929
Dr. Shawn Talbott: so so that’s a that’s a transient probiotic that doesn’t set up residence. It’s it has a function, but it doesn’t change the structure of what’s growing in your microbiome.

00:56:55.960 –> 00:57:20.260
Dr. Shawn Talbott: A different strain like what would be a good one. The Lactobacillus. 32, the that one will live in your microbiome, so that will you eat that? And we can find it in your gut later on. If it finds a nice, hospitable place, it will grow there, and it will help to regulate the speed of food going through your your gut, speed it up, slow it down

00:57:20.300 –> 00:57:43.340
Dr. Shawn Talbott: is what we call that but different strains have different effects that way. What I usually tell people that if they’re trying to rebuild their microbiome after like an antibiotic round, II use the example of a trillion probiotics. That’s actually not the best way to do it. The best way to do it will be to take a product like that and take a lot of prebiotic fibers.

00:57:43.340 –> 00:57:51.129
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Prebiotic fibers seem to be a lot more efficient at changing what grows the structure

00:57:51.130 –> 00:58:16.690
Dr. Shawn Talbott: and probiotics. The bacteria seem to be more effective at changing what the microbiome does the functionality. And so that’s why a symbiotic like what we do with antibiotics that seems to be the the future that you want to use probiotics for certain aspects of microbiome function. And you want to use prebiotics for other aspects of microbiome function, you know. So that’s why you want a whole system there, not not really one or the other.

00:58:17.050 –> 00:58:45.979
Mom’s iPhone: No, that that just clarifies cause. That’s kind of message. I’m getting some that are that just that answers that. It’s really clear now, and I have just one more question. I have a cousin who sent just got Bell’s palsy and so meant to buy out, or the whole, the kids fundamental would be so good because it’s really doing a lot of things from a neurological and a relaxation and a and an immune system like that

00:58:58.990 –> 00:59:16.220
Dr. Shawn Talbott: all the 3 products that are in adult fundamentals, antibiotics meant to sync meant to focus all into one product. So sometimes I even travel with kids fundamentals. Because if I can only put one thing in my carry on, it’s that because it’s it’s it’s one product instead of 3 products.

00:59:16.340 –> 00:59:42.689
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Yeah, we use it every day. That’s our go to. So okay, so I’ll just tell her there’s that. That’s great. I just wanted to be kinda specific about that. Thank you so much. Yeah, of course. Let me answer this one from Gail before before I move to move on to Jazzy. If you add edge to hot water. Will it kill the bacteria? So so you might be a little confused. So Edge doesn’t have any bacteria in it so absolutely you can add hot water to that.

00:59:42.690 –> 00:59:50.740
Dr. Shawn Talbott: but if you were, add hot water to happy juice which has edge and antibiotics in it, antibiotics is the one that has the bacteria.

00:59:50.820 –> 01:00:08.719
Dr. Shawn Talbott: It depends on how you do it. If I wouldn’t recommend pouring boiling water onto antibiotics, cause I know that some people like to drink their happy juice warm as like a as like a fruit tea almost in the morning, and so you can drink it warm. But what I would recommend that you do is

01:00:08.890 –> 01:00:18.950
Dr. Shawn Talbott: pour the water onto the edge and the energy, and then when it’s warm enough so that you can drink it, then it’s warm enough to the

01:00:18.960 –> 01:00:35.430
Dr. Shawn Talbott: the bacteria can tolerate that if it’s if you pour boiling water directly on, that might be just over the level of heat that would kill the bacteria but if it’s if it’s if it’s cool enough that you can drink it without burning your mouth, that’s perfectly fine. So what I’ll generally have people do is

01:00:35.430 –> 01:00:49.159
Dr. Shawn Talbott: put the hot stuff in there, mix up their edge and their energy, and then when it cools down a little bit, then add their antibiotics stirred around and then drink it, and it’s still nice and warm it. It’s still actually pretty hot, but it’s not hot enough to kill the bacteria at that point.

01:00:49.160 –> 01:00:52.049
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Okay? And then go ahead, Jazzy.

01:00:53.230 –> 01:01:05.820
Jazzie Will: that’s interesting. So I have a question as to what you were talking about, because I thought Edge did have a probiotic in it. It does not. No, so edge edge is just 3 ingredients. It’s the mangle leaf, the light chief fruit and the palm fruit.

01:01:05.860 –> 01:01:27.969
Jazzie Will: Okay, okay, so, thank you so much. This has been very enlightening tonight. And I was originally gonna say, I felt like my question was kind of off topic, but II know it’s totally not it’s and it’s actually for my son. He is 37 years old. He has a number of health issues, and he he’s been seeing a therapist.

01:01:27.970 –> 01:01:52.780
Jazzie Will: He deals with anxiety depression a number of things he had covid when when Covid was so thick. And and you know, when we were in amidst all of that, he’s on a heart medication, because he almost died with Covid, and so they’ve had to put him on a heart medication to keep his heart at, you know, beating at levels that it needs to be beating at, because his heart will just out of the blue race up to 140 beats a minute.

01:01:52.780 –> 01:01:58.090
Jazzie Will: Also been on, or he’s also on an anti anxiety.

01:01:58.090 –> 01:02:27.329
Jazzie Will: anxiety, and an antidepressant medication, and recently his therapist put him on a second antidepressant medication. And now he’s been having suicidal ideations. I was able to get him out to my house the other night, able to talk him off of a cliff, and while I was out while he was out here. He will never listen to me about any of these products. You know your family is the hardest ones to convince. I was able to get

01:02:27.330 –> 01:02:28.670
Jazzie Will: half of a pep

01:02:28.720 –> 01:02:54.749
Jazzie Will: a grape edge in him, and 2 moods, and I literally within 30 min, started seeing him mellow. He would not have admitted it. I so I didn’t even ask him, but he was actually functional. I felt when he left my house now. He reached out to me the next day he said he had done a testosterone, a home testosterone kit. His number was at like 100.

01:02:54.800 –> 01:02:56.650
Jazzie Will: Does that make sense to you?

01:02:57.200 –> 01:03:25.409
Jazzie Will: Well, it depends on how they’re like like a hundred doesn’t really mean anything unless you know what the what the range is for that particular test. So he said range was like between. I, he said, like between 160 and 400 was where it was supposed to be, for that very, very low, which explains a lot of his symptoms. Now I put him on edge. I put him on mood plus, and I put him on probiotics.

01:03:25.410 –> 01:03:30.659
Jazzie Will: I did give him a bottle of ignite the other night. I just don’t. I don’t know.

01:03:30.710 –> 01:03:44.749
Dr. Shawn Talbott: you know. I mean with his testosterone levels being that low. What do we need to do for him. Yeah. So yeah, so soite is is definitely the thing to to get a testosterone levels back up into a normal range.

01:03:44.760 –> 01:04:02.099
Dr. Shawn Talbott: you know, if if he’s if he, if he is in the situation where he might be experiencing post covid syndrome, which a lot of people who have that they. They have mood issues. They have energy issues, they have cardiovascular issues. They very often will get a racing heart, because what happens is

01:04:02.100 –> 01:04:17.399
Dr. Shawn Talbott: their body loses the ability to regulate blood pressure. And so very stereotypical thing for somebody with post Covid. They’ll be sitting watching TV or they drive in the car, and they get to wherever they’re getting or the TV shows over. Soon as they stand up.

01:04:17.400 –> 01:04:39.379
Dr. Shawn Talbott: their blood pressure drops, their heart starts racing. They feel like they’re having a panic attack. And and you know, that sets off a whole like it might set off an actual panic attack. That’s all because their their access is dysregulated. So like if somebody said to me, right, if I go to the Expo tomorrow when somebody says I’ll give you a billion dollars to develop a

01:04:39.490 –> 01:04:41.969
a post covid syndrome

01:04:41.990 –> 01:04:56.359
Dr. Shawn Talbott: solution. It would be fundamentals with double meant to sync like, that’s literally what it would be, because it helps regulate that whole gut brain access system, you know. Th then you could say like, well.

01:04:56.360 –> 01:05:22.519
Dr. Shawn Talbott: then, would you add an ignite for hormones? Would you add in mental heart for the cardiovascular. Would you add mood plus? So you have, like a faster onset of action for the like anti-stress anti anxiety effects. It just depends on like how big you wanna go. But I think with someone who is like a a little bit resistant to taking supplements. In the first place, I’d go as minimal as possible. And I think I think the ones that you recommend that you just listed jazzy mood plus

01:05:22.520 –> 01:05:44.140
Dr. Shawn Talbott: probiotics ignite. I think I think that’s a that’s a great place to start. But you might. You might move him like if he gets good results. You might go. Well, hey? Maybe you want to try this fundamentals, or you know, maybe you want to try happy juice with with a mental sync bottle, add it onto the side or something like that, you know, when he’s ready. Yeah, how much ignite do you think he needs to be taking? Just

01:05:44.150 –> 01:05:55.550
Dr. Shawn Talbott: if it’s if it’s really low like that. If he’s done a test, and he’s below the like, the like the low, like the if he’s below low, normal I would, I would say, do it, do it twice a day.

01:05:55.550 –> 01:06:18.820
Dr. Shawn Talbott: you know. So like, take 2 capsules in the morning, 2 capsules in the evening. That’s what I do in my hardest training cycles like. So this this whole week I’m taking one in the morning and one in the evening because I’ve got the Marathon October eighth. So I’m like, what’s that? It’s like 2 weeks, 2 or 3 weeks out, you know. So I’m doing a lot of running right now, and I’m taking extra ignite to make sure my testosterone doesn’t drop

01:06:20.080 –> 01:06:30.940
Dr. Shawn Talbott: perfect. Thank you so much. Yeah, of course. Let me see, there was one more in the chat that I wanted to answer, and then I’ll then I’ll go back, and then I’ll go over to Patty.

01:06:32.010 –> 01:06:34.429
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Let’s see

01:06:35.170 –> 01:06:36.420
Dr. Shawn Talbott: So

01:06:39.800 –> 01:06:40.989
Dr. Shawn Talbott: where did it go.

01:06:42.350 –> 01:06:47.609
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Well, here, let’s Patty. Why don’t you ask your question? And I’ll look in the chat and see if I can find the one that I wanted to answer.

01:06:51.620 –> 01:06:55.350
Patty Sherwood: I was just wondering, and it was kind of funny.

01:06:55.390 –> 01:06:59.189
Patty Sherwood: We occasionally eat sauerkraut and stuff, and

01:06:59.750 –> 01:07:04.619
Patty Sherwood: just this last couple of days since, starting on a happy juice.

01:07:04.840 –> 01:07:13.719
Patty Sherwood: and both my husband and I are reacting like our guts are reacting totally different to eating the same food we’ve been eating for the last 8 years.

01:07:13.970 –> 01:07:18.180
Patty Sherwood: I can assume that it’s a happy juice that is doing that

01:07:18.750 –> 01:07:21.880
Patty Sherwood: with the sauerkraut.

01:07:23.150 –> 01:07:24.510
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Well.

01:07:24.920 –> 01:07:28.319
Dr. Shawn Talbott: probably, like, you know.

01:07:29.000 –> 01:07:58.610
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Wait a minute. Yeah, anytime you eat you. You are changing your microbiome in a positive or a negative direction. Right? So like you eat more fermented foods, you’re changing it positive. You eat more donuts. You’re changing it negative, right? So that will like as you change it, you know, with supplements or with food, or whatever positive or negative. That’s gonna change how you metabolize all the other foods that you take.

01:07:58.610 –> 01:08:26.289
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Right? So yo, you know, we see on the good side, we see people all the time who will say, Oh, I used to have to avoid X because it didn’t agree with me, and then they do some of these microbiome things, and then they can. They can have food. X, that used to be a problem. And now it’s not a problem anymore, you know. Be. And it’s not that the food was a problem. It was. The food was a mismatch with what their microbiome was. And now they’ve changed their microbiome. So sometimes you can put those foods back in

01:08:26.750 –> 01:08:31.160
Dr. Shawn Talbott: on the flip side of that. Sometimes people will change their microbiome, and

01:08:31.399 –> 01:08:37.439
Dr. Shawn Talbott: because of the way it changes, sometimes you’ll see different

01:08:37.439 –> 01:09:01.760
Dr. Shawn Talbott: populations of bacteria grow quicker than others, and that can lead some people to be bloated at the beginning that usually goes away, or they might be great at the beginning, and then they get bloated later. So think of it this way. Does anyone like if you’ve ever grown a garden in your backyard. You plant everything at the beginning of the spring, and some things come in really early, like lettuce, and other things come in later like

01:09:01.760 –> 01:09:25.239
Dr. Shawn Talbott: pumpkins, you know, and in between there you get your tomatoes and your cucumbers and your peppers, and like, you know, all that kind of stuff. But you’ve got some early’s. You got some middles, and you’ve got some late. The same exact thing happens with your microbiome. Once you start seeding it and cultivating it, and so sometimes the sometimes the earliest are good things, and sometimes they’re bad things. Sometimes the Middles are good things and bad things. So that’s why we say to people like

01:09:25.660 –> 01:09:36.850
Dr. Shawn Talbott: you might get benefits or side effects, early or late, or middle or later, and that’s why we like people to go for a long period of time to reach that new balance point. Does that make sense?

01:09:37.040 –> 01:09:37.850
Patty Sherwood: Yes.

01:09:38.069 –> 01:09:52.130
Patty Sherwood: now I had one other question. I saw, Donna had commented. And I had covid also very bad, and my blood pressure had been way up. My doctors were actually discussing

01:09:52.170 –> 01:09:53.490
Patty Sherwood: medication

01:09:53.750 –> 01:10:03.870
Patty Sherwood: the last. So I’ve been on just about 78 days on the antibiotics and happy juice. But I do the

01:10:04.040 –> 01:10:07.370
Patty Sherwood: fundamentals with the

01:10:07.430 –> 01:10:14.340
Patty Sherwood: and the heart in the focus. Yeah, every morning like it suggests, you know, like before breakfast

01:10:14.600 –> 01:10:20.810
Patty Sherwood: the last 3 times I’ve been for doctors appointments within the last month.

01:10:21.040 –> 01:10:32.689
Patty Sherwood: My blood pressure is going down. In fact, my pain, doctor actually said your pains at a 7, and your blood pressure is only elevated slightly. And I was like.

01:10:32.900 –> 01:10:41.920
Patty Sherwood: Yeah, my pain is really at a 7. Even my husband said, Honey, your blood pressure is amazing. And I was like. it has to be.

01:10:41.940 –> 01:10:58.710
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Yeah. Covid syndrome is not so much that it pushes your blood pressure up or pushes it down. But you have a you have a you’re less efficient at regulating.

01:10:58.710 –> 01:11:22.580
Dr. Shawn Talbott: so so like like your body should increase, decrease its blood pressure like on demand, you know, in like second, but not second by, well, yeah, second by second, and and you lose some of that sensitivity. So we talk a lot about adaptogens, you know, in the in the ingredients that we talk about adaptogens to help us balance stress or balance neurotransmitters or balance sex hormones it.

01:11:22.580 –> 01:11:30.979
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Cardiovascular balance is a very similar sort of a concept. So it’s all about when you get this gut brain access regulated.

01:11:31.110 –> 01:11:43.620
Dr. Shawn Talbott: everything gets regulated. And so your ability to increase or decrease your blood pressure, or increase or decrease your blood sugar or increase or decrease. Whatever is is better is more efficient.

01:11:45.160 –> 01:12:13.469
Dr. Shawn Talbott: Okay, yeah, of course. So it’s it’s 10 past right now. So let’s let’s let’s shut it off there, and I will. I’ll see some of you next week in Salt Lake City at the Amar Convention, and I will really look forward to that and for people I don’t see I’ll see you on if people I don’t see in person, I’ll see you, you know, virtually on the on the next webinar, which I’ll I’ll post up in the announcements. Okay, alright. See you guys next time. Thanks for joining tonight. Bye, bye.

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