Mental Wellness Crisis – Getting Worse?

Dr. Shawn Talbott (Ph.D., CNS, LDN, FACSM, FACN, FAIS) has gone from triathlon struggler to gut-brain guru! With a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry, he's on a mission to boost everyday human performance through the power of natural solutions and the gut-brain axis.

How bad? Two new studies (in Lancet Psychiatry and from Blue Shield of CA – see links below) reveal that at least HALF of people will develop at least one mental wellness problem in their lifetime – HALF?!?!

Lancet =

Blue Shield =

GenZ is even worse – with almost 90% indicating that they struggle with their mental health (this generation represents teens and young adults up to about age 24 – which is the generation that MY kids are in).

The most common problems cited are depression, anxiety, and stress (which is the “bad” news) – but the “good” news is that more and more people are starting to appreciate the importance of their #mentalwellness – and are seeking out healthy ways to cope.

Mental Wellness Coaches can be an important piece of the solution to this massive public health challenge – especially because they can help clients get to the root cause of many mental wellness challenges.

Helping to restore balance across the entire Microbiome-Gut-Brain-Heart-Axis, with holistic interventions that incorporates diet, exercise, supplements, sleep, stress management, nature exposure, and human connection – Mental Wellness Coaches help people improve their mood, reduce their stress, and optimize their mental and physical performance.

About the Author

Exercise physiologist (MS, UMass Amherst) and Nutritional Biochemist (PhD, Rutgers) who studies how lifestyle influences our biochemistry, psychology and behavior - which kind of makes me a "Psycho-Nutritionist"?!?!

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