Mental Wellness Crisis – Getting Worse?

How bad? Two new studies (in Lancet Psychiatry and from Blue Shield of CA – see links below) reveal that at least HALF of people will develop at least one mental wellness problem in their lifetime – HALF?!?!

Lancet =

Blue Shield =

GenZ is even worse – with almost 90% indicating that they struggle with their mental health (this generation represents teens and young adults up to about age 24 – which is the generation that MY kids are in).

The most common problems cited are depression, anxiety, and stress (which is the “bad” news) – but the “good” news is that more and more people are starting to appreciate the importance of their #mentalwellness – and are seeking out healthy ways to cope.

Mental Wellness Coaches can be an important piece of the solution to this massive public health challenge – especially because they can help clients get to the root cause of many mental wellness challenges.

Helping to restore balance across the entire Microbiome-Gut-Brain-Heart-Axis, with holistic interventions that incorporates diet, exercise, supplements, sleep, stress management, nature exposure, and human connection – Mental Wellness Coaches help people improve their mood, reduce their stress, and optimize their mental and physical performance.

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