Mental Wellness Coach – Weekly Webinar Update

Dr. Shawn Talbott (Ph.D., CNS, LDN, FACSM, FACN, FAIS) has gone from triathlon struggler to gut-brain guru! With a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry, he's on a mission to boost everyday human performance through the power of natural solutions and the gut-brain axis.

Thanks to everyone who joined me this past Wednesday on the Weekly Webinar for Certified Mental Wellness Coaches. (We hold this every week within the Marietta College online “Canvas” platform).

The chat transcript for our session on Wednesday July 26 is pasted below (so you can see some of the topics discussed) – and the video is also posted on YouTube HERE because we talked a lot about “weight loss challenges” and I thought a wider audience could benefit from that discussion.

Our primary discussion hinged on some new studies on the growing scientific evidence for Probiotics delivering mood benefits in depression and weight loss benefits in obesity.

We’re reaching the point now where we are seeing DOZENS of excellent studies uncovering the important role of the Microbiome and Gut-Brain-Axis for improving mental wellness (stress, depression, anxiety, resilience, cognition), metabolism (blood sugar, fat storage, appetite), athletic performance (muscle building, inflammation, recovery, immune protection), and so many other aspects of mental wellness and physical health.

Next week, the Weekly Webinar will be on Friday (August 4th) and the topic will be…

How to Talk about Dietary Supplements – Science versus Claims?

This is an important topic (that I’ve lectured about extensively and written book chapters about) – and I will talk about the differences and distinctions between things like how certain supplements might have excellent scientific evidence for helping with something like “ADHD” but the claims for the supplement can only refer to “supporting mental focus” (even if the study shows equal effectiveness to a drug used to “treat” that “disease”)…some of the specific topics I will cover will include…

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD – the disease) or depression (the mood state)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD – the disease) or anxiety (the mood state)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD – the disease) or irritability (the mood state)

Attention -Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD – the disease) or focus (the mood state)

Hope to “see” you on the next webinar – here is the chat transcript from the last Webinar about Probiotics/Depression/Obesity…

00:09:18 AJ Wheeler: Hell Dr. Shawn- what is the best way to conduct a personal family study/any study? Seeing some early “on hit wonder” results with my fam. Thanks
00:12:41 Katarina Herda: I love seeing others questions / answers! Thank you 🙂
00:14:00 Yvonne King: Very cool. I had not seen all of this ?
00:14:06 Cindy Blossey: Hello everyone! ?
00:14:18 AJ Wheeler: Very helpful- I like grab and go resources!
00:14:48 Cindy Blossey: Reacted to “Very helpful- I like…” with ??
00:16:46 Jeanine Lano: FINALLY!
00:17:58 Cindy Blossey: WOW!! I wish they knew this in the 70’s!!
00:21:41 Jeanine Lano: My psychiatrist said there’s not enough studies to prove supps work. Not saying he’s right or wrong – just sharing.
00:22:06 Cindy Blossey: This is a huge breakthrough for nutrition and psychological interventions to work together! ??
00:22:42 Jeanine Lano: I agree Cindy!:)
00:23:01 Cindy Blossey: Reacted to “I agree Cindy!:)” with ??
00:23:22 Jeanine Lano: Do other companies specify strain designation, or just amare?
00:25:50 Yvonne King: I sometimes get clients that say the stomach acid destroys probiotics. How do you respond to that?
00:25:52 Cindy Blossey: @Jeanine, not surprised. Are you taking supplements to show your psych. that nutrition can work with meds?
00:28:13 Gut Gal: How do we get access to this to share with our clients?
00:28:46 Yvonne King: How do you think Seed works with SIBO, in theory if the cap open in the large intestine, it should help with SIBO.
00:28:56 AJ Wheeler: Question: Weaning Off Prescriptions: How does someone do that safely?
00:29:39 Cindy Blossey: I have leads that say that they don’t want the supplements to affect their meds. How should I respond to that?
00:30:08 Jeanine Lano: I feel like I need to take double my supps w/Amare to get to a level where I was with Zoloft, which is def way more $, but I just don’t want to go back on it.
00:30:31 Colleen Sullivan: Can you review our SIBO protocol and how it helps.
00:32:02 Jeanine Lano: Cindy – I asked that same question when I first came here, and the answer was our prods were designed to able to work well with most meds., but we always refer them back to their docs. I and my husband were taking meds at the time, my sister takes meds, and we all did fine, but def. personal choice and always refer back to doc.
00:32:33 Cindy Blossey: Reacted to “Cindy – I asked that…” with ??
00:33:11 Cindy Blossey: Replying to “Cindy – I asked that…”

Thanks!! Unfortunately, most docs are sooooo old school. ?
00:35:10 Katelyn Sutton: Replying to “Cindy – I asked that…”

It’s true, but it would also be irresponsible to tell someone they can just stop taking their meds or reduce their dosage on their own. I talked to my doctor about what I was looking to do and she helped me lower my dose and then have a follow-up to see how it was going until I was off it. She didn’t understand what I was taking but focussed on how I was feeling and how things were going for me
00:35:31 Lisa Schaffer: can you share that graph you just described
00:35:38 nicolesimmonds: What is a specific protocol we can recommend to people who were on GLP-1 medications and now are looking for natural options? GBX fit + Burn + digestive + seed fiber
00:36:12 Denise Baker: Replying to “can you share that g…”

it’s in our course platform under discussions – in the last pdf
00:36:36 Jeanine Lano: vagus nerve
00:36:43 Yvonne King: Breathing, calming
00:36:44 Gut Gal: Rest and Digest ….breathing
00:36:44 AJ Wheeler: intentional breathing
00:36:52 Lisa Schaffer: circulation, stress
00:36:53 Jeanine Lano: Has to do w/the vagus nerve
00:36:56 Dana Lewis: lowers stress hormone
00:36:56 DONNA KOENIG: relaxation, hormone regulation
00:37:10 Colleen Sullivan: Regulates stress response/nervous system
00:37:18 Michelle Call: Relaxation stress relief
00:38:21 DONNA KOENIG: comprehensive, yes!
00:39:22 Gut Gal: I am new to Amare and help women 35 + to loose weight. What protocol do you recommend for new clients who are wanting to loose weight. I have my clients on HAPPY JUICE as their starting point. I am also implementing a Monthly Mentorship which includes helping them with a morning routine including LIIT exercise and breathing etc.
00:39:43 Gut Gal: Im trying to raise my hand
00:40:04 Yvonne King: I have questions around SIBO and probiotics
00:40:13 Dana Lewis: yes with weightless. Good/ Better / Best recommendations for amare supplements
00:40:27 Dana Lewis: weight loss .
00:41:24 Leo: Replying to “Im trying to raise…”

click more and then reactions
00:41:35 Gut Gal: Step 1: DNA Epigenetic test to find out what their health status is. Step 2: HAPPY JUICE Step 3: Monthly Mentorship and wanting to know which products you recommend next for weight loss
00:42:05 Gut Gal: How do we raise our hands?
00:42:18 Jeanine Lano: Gail under Reactions
00:42:30 Jeanine Lano: bottom of your screen, under his presentation
00:42:48 Leo: Replying to “How do we raise ou…”

click more and then reactions
00:42:58 Gut Gal: Which ICON?
00:43:19 Danae Treadway: Wanted to ask! I had a customer curious.. so if they are taking for example – Mood, Focus, Ignite, Digestive, Burn, Fit— is it OKAY To take them all together in the AM with water OR should they break them up and can you overdo too many of the supplements at once? Thanks!
00:43:43 Jeanine Lano: Wow
00:43:52 Denise Baker: Replying to “Which ICON?”

smile face with a +
00:44:20 Denise Baker: Replying to “Which ICON?”

it may be a little different on a mobile device
00:44:45 Gut Gal: Thank you….Denise Baker
00:45:47 Colleen Sullivan: Yes weight-loss – good, better, best. Will someone get results with just gbx-fit. Anything for adult acne? Her big issues are weight and adult acne post having 2 kids.
00:45:58 Dana Lewis: yesssss kids mood in the afternoon with edge! ?
00:47:12 Gut Gal: Should Kids Fundamentals be used 2 x’s/day for children with ADHD?
00:47:44 Hillary Chybinski: LOVE highlights – LOL
00:47:52 Dana Lewis: Gut gal – my son has ADHD and he did kids fundamentals +_ kids mood ONCE a day (and kids vitamin ) and an extra Kidds mood as necessary
00:49:02 Colleen Sullivan: Replying to “Should Kids Fundamen…”

I recommend 1 scoop of kids fundamentals (unless they are over 100lbs) along with 1-2 kids mood+ in morning, mid-day. They can take up to 3 kids mood/day.
00:49:38 Colleen Sullivan: Reacted to “Gut gal – my son has…” with ?
00:51:06 Cindy Blossey: Is there a test to determine if weight gain is caused by a signaling issue or other issue?
00:51:42 Jeanine Lano: What would we recommend for people who are on these meds like Ozempic?
00:51:57 DONNA KOENIG: Replying to “What would we recomm…”

Good question
00:54:42 Gut Gal: So love this!!
00:54:43 Leo: incredible about the exposed to antibiotics
00:55:36 DONNA KOENIG: hundred
00:56:51 Dana Lewis: how many signals would be in addition with HJ?
00:57:10 Jeanine Lano: Maybe that explains why it didn’t work for me then?
00:57:18 DONNA KOENIG: bioindividuality
00:57:27 Cindy Blossey: How do know which signals are out of balance?
00:57:37 Kelly Wevley: Reacted to “How do know which si…” with ?
00:58:05 Hillary Chybinski: Reacted to “How do know which si…” with ?
00:58:12 Cindy Blossey: I didn’t lose anything with the two products
00:58:12 Jeanine Lano: for Weight Loss I mean GBX Fit helped but burn and gbx fit together didn’t, BUT to be fair I didn’t move MUCH, SO LET’S CANCEL THAT!? LOL
00:58:15 DONNA KOENIG: I read stomach paralysis today
00:58:18 Danae Treadway: I’ve had several friends get very sick
00:58:20 Aina DiGianni: How do you access the 92? What if appetite, portion control & clean eating are in place with said system & still a block
00:58:22 Gut Gal: JEANINE: Inform your client that Ozempic is a drug. Most importantly this drug causes a sunken face and thyroid issues potentially thyroid cancer
00:59:07 Cindy Blossey: @Aina DiGianni, AWESOME question! ? ?
00:59:46 Kelly Wevley: Reacted to “How do you access th…” with ?
00:59:55 Jeanine Lano: Yes, all goes back to “everyone’s body is different” and may respond differently.
01:00:11 Dana Lewis: if we talk about the hormone signals, can you elaborate more on “which signals” we could ask questions before suggesting Fit vs Burn vs Ignite, etc.
01:00:20 Rebecca Grant: How many signals did Dr. Shawn say there are for hunger?
01:00:39 Cindy Blossey: @Jeanine Lano, burn and fit didn’t affect me at all; I swim 10 laps and rid my trike 13 miles/daily
01:00:49 Colleen Sullivan: Reacted to “if we talk about the…” with ?
01:00:50 Katy Randall: My husband just finished with training high school soccer players on nutrition and mental wellness, and there were many players eating just protein bars as their only source of food so they could lose weight, but then drinking the unhealthy energy drinks. When he researched the products and the ingredients he realized what these players don’t understand when it comes to nutrition and what products are not safe or unsafe for they nutritional and mental wellness benefits on the field.
01:01:02 Cindy Blossey: @Rebecca Grant, 100 signals
01:01:21 Rebecca Grant: Thank you, Cindy!
01:01:28 Cindy Blossey: Reacted to “Thank you, Cindy!” with ??
01:01:53 Dana Lewis: ohhhh Katy!!! This is my life! I have three high school soccer players here!
01:01:57 Lisa Schaffer: what is the DNA epigenetics test that someone mentioned earleir
01:02:06 Gut Gal: Katy they can check out YUKA app for ingredients list
01:02:10 Cindy Blossey: Replying to “@Jeanine Lano, burn …”

Ride, not rid…. lol
01:03:18 Aina DiGianni: Journaling can help identify those changes
01:03:47 Katy Randall: Replying to “ohhhh Katy!!! This i…”

We are realizing what coaches and athletes don’t understand about nutrition
01:03:47 Gut Gal: Im new to Amare and would love to get your recommended weight loss protocol for women 35 +
01:04:01 Katy Randall: Replying to “Katy they can check …”

Thanks. This will be so helpful
01:04:31 Gut Gal: Replying to “Katy they can check …”

01:06:36 Jeanine Lano: Wow! That’s incredible! BRING IT!?
01:06:40 DONNA KOENIG: There is a real need for that!
01:06:56 Nicky McGinnis: Can we have that now??? Lol I need that!! Candida here
01:07:12 Lisa Schaffer: Oh doc…we need that product line!!
01:07:20 Hillary Chybinski: Reacted to “Can we have that now…” with ?
01:07:45 Kelly: Does bacteria phage break through biofilms?
01:09:58 Lisa Schaffer: how does BURN help Leaky gut??
01:13:26 Jeanine Lano: THIS WAS SO GOOD!
01:14:09 Lisa Schaffer: My people are wanting to lose 80lbs!! How long for each
01:15:20 Deirdre McLean: OG here, when are we recommending SYNC?
01:16:47 Aina DiGianni: Perfect!
01:16:50 Melissa Morgan: Maybe Happy Juice to get motivated to start working out and then add fit/burn?
01:17:13 Robin Lopez: thank you Dr Shawn
01:17:14 Mary Ann Marshak: Thanks so much!
01:17:17 Dana Lewis: TY!
01:17:20 Cindy Blossey: Thank you, Dr. Shawn!! ?
01:17:20 Jeanine Lano: THANK YOU

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