Running to Beat Depression

As many of you know, I’m running the Chicago Marathon on October 8 to raise money for Erika’s Lighthouse – which has helped millions of students to know the signs of depression and how to seek help.

In the most recent school year alone (2022-23), Erika’s Lighthouse has directly impacted over 534,000 students!

It is important for these programs reach every student in the school because we know that students often turn to friends for help.

We want every student to know the signs and symptoms of depression and how to get help for themselves or a friend.

Here are a handful of responses we received to the question, “How has your ability to help someone with depression changed because of the Erika’s Lighthouse program?”

If you’re able to make a donation to support us, every dollar helps us reach more students.

Thank you for your support and for bringing these lifesaving skills and knowledge to students nationwide!

“I know now how to deal with my or someone else’s depression”

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