Registration for July Mental Wellness Coach Certification is OPEN!

We are excited to open registration for the next cohort for the Mental Wellness Coach Certification.

We are keeping the tuition as low as possible – so it will remain at $500 for as long as possible (but probably not forever) – even as we continue to add further enhancements to the course.

You can register here =

What does the course include?

11 primary educational sessions spanning ~16 hours of video education on all the lifestyle factors that impact our Mental Wellness (positive and negative), such as… 

Microbiome, Gut-Brain-Axis, Heart-Brain-Axis, Nutrition, Sleep, Movement, Supplements, Mindset, Metabolism, Hormone Balance, Aging, and much more…

Digital copy of “Mental Fitness – Maximizing Mood, Motivation, & Mental Wellness by Optimizing the Brain-Body-Biome

Digital copies of multiple “special reports” from the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) on the Mental Wellness Economy, Health Coaching, and Lifestyle/Wellness Trends

Downloadable PowerPoint slides for each lecture (so you can create your own digital library)

Active Discussion area – think of this as your exclusive “sounding board” to ask your questions and get answers to help you build your coaching business and educate your clients and customers about the best products and programs to help them reach their Mental Wellness goals.

Our course has been approved for CEUs (continuing education credits) from numerous professional boards, including chiropractic, naturopathic, nursing, fitness/nutrition, and many others, including full-approval by the National Academy for Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

In addition to the CMWC being closed-captioned and mobile-friendly, we have also added a Printable Certificate of Completion (to hang on your office wall) to complement the unique Digital Badge awarded to all Certified Mental Wellness Coaches.

Next week, we will begin our Weekly Wednesday Webinars (Lunch & Learn at 1pm ET / Noon CT / 11am MT / 10am PT) – where we will discuss Science, Product recommendations, and Trouble shooting different situations related to lifestyle modification of mental wellness and physical health issues.

In the coming weeks, we will be adding a variety of expert interviews from experts such as Trish Barrus, PhD (10 Principles of Recovery – a positive psychology approach to addiction and life) and Emeran Mayer, MD, PhD (Gut-Brain-Immune Connection).

Our “in-person” CMWC costs $1,500 (2.5 days of training), but we will keep the tuition for the self-paced ONLINE version at a super-affordable $500 so we can continue to train as many Certified Mental Wellness Coaches as possible. 

More CMWCs means more people in the world will be feeling better with elevated mood, lower stress, sharper focus, higher energy, bolstered resilience, and superior sleep quality.

Link to register =

After registering, you will receive a payment receipt from 3 Waves Wellness – and within 2 business days you will receive an access link from Marietta College that you can use to start the course.

Let us know any questions in the comment area below – and Subscribe below to receive notifications of new articles posted – and hope to see you in class!

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  1. Cher R Fesenmaier

     /  July 5, 2023

    If we have already completed the virtual program are we able to jump onto the Weekly Wednesday Webinars?

    • YES!
      Any and all students who are part of the CMWC community are welcome to attend the weekly webinars…

    • And I will post the access link within the Marietta College Canvas site as soon as I have it…

  2. I am thrilled to see graduates can participate in the weekly seminars!
    I would also like a printable certificate of completion. How do I get one?

    • Hi Linda – We have added the ability to print out a certificate in Credly and the directions are found at the bottom of the course page when students have completed the course.

      So now – in addition to your Digital Badge that you can use in email signatures, social media profiles, and other online platforms, you can now also have a physical certificate to display in your office.

  3. Andy Dunn

     /  July 5, 2023

    I’m so interested in this! I’m waiting on a reimbursement check this week and would love to allocate some funds towards this! I’m also pursuing nutrition coach certification online from Mark Macdonald who was with Kyani, and the two pair together so nicely! I already have your Mental Fitness book, I bought as soon as we merged with Amare! Really looking forward to expanding on this! I hope the pricing holds out through the week! Thanks!

    • Hi Andy – thanks for your interest – we will keep the registration link open until July 15 (this Saturday) – so we hope to see you in class!

  4. Amy

     /  July 5, 2023

    Will the course materials be available for me to review after completion? Is there a deadline on when the course must be completed by?

    • Yes – students have full access to the canvas site for a year and you are able to download all of the PowerPoint slides and PDFs to create your own resource library.
      There is no deadline for course completion, so some students finish as quickly as a week, while others take a couple months? I suggest trying to complete everything within a month if you can?

  5. Katarina

     /  July 11, 2023

    Are the Weekly Wednesday Webinars, actually weekly Thursday webinars now? Lol just making sure I have the right day/alarm set!

    • Yes – ha ha – at least for this week and next week, the CMWC webinar will be on Thursday!

  6. Kim Glaspy

     /  July 19, 2023

    I am interested in this program but will be traveling a bit over the next month th and a half. Are the Wed live sessions recorded for later playback?

    • Hi Kim – thanks for your interest in the CMWC program. All of the “weekly webinars” are recorded and posted inside the course for (re)watching at whenever is the best time for every individual.
      The July registration was closed on the 15th – but we reopened it for JUST TODAY because several people really wanted to get in for the Summer session and not wait until the next cohort that opens on Sept 1.
      So – the registration link will be open for the rest of today (July 20th) and then will reopen on Sept 1 – so please pick whichever tomeframe works best for you?

  7. christie croll

     /  July 23, 2023

    can we still register for the online course, the link is not active

    • Hi Christie – thanks for your interest in the CMWC! We had July registration open until the 15th – but it is now closed – and we expect to reopen it on Sept 1 – so please stay tuned!

      • Eileen Joyce

         /  July 31, 2023

        Could you please send me an update for your next online course please missed July deadline

      • Hi Eileen – so glad that you’re interested in our next class – which we will open for registration on Sept 1.
        The best way to know as soon as we open registration is to signup for alerts by subscribing to this blog.
        I will also make a note to send you a reminder via email…

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