Wealthy = Money or Wellness?

In a new survey from Charles Schwab Financial, more people define their version of being “wealthy” as having abundant health and well-being than having a lot of money.

When asked to characterize what being “wealthy” means to them, respondents overall mentioned their well-being (40%) more often than money (32%) and assets (26%). In 2017, the top response to what wealth means was money (27%). 

This new perspective is being called “Modern Wealth” – with nearly two-thirds (62%), saying that enjoying healthy relationships with their loved ones better describes what wealth means, and 70% saying that wealth is about “not having to stress over money” – versus having more of it. 

Surveys like this come at the perfect time, when so many people are looking for “meaning and purpose” in their lives – and at the same time also looking for “time freedom” and a healthier work/life balance. This is what we’re doing at Amare – developing products that improve health (mentally and physically) – providing a business opportunity that emphasizes flexibility and entrepreneurship – and encouraging people to build meaningful businesses around helping others through personal connections.

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