Free Microbiome Measurement

Did you know that your gut microbiome controls a lot of what your immune system does – including both protecting us from viruses and our tendency to develop allergies?

We are running a study on a new “anti-allergy” yeast extract that we think might reduce allergy symptoms by modulating the microbiome. Some nice “side benefits” are likely to be lower stress, reduced inflammation, and higher energy levels…

Participants in the study will receive free measurements of their microbiome, inflammation, and stress hormone (cortisol) – 3 times over 6 weeks.

We will mail all the collection kits to your home so you do not need to make any visits to the lab or clinic. (No blood – just saliva and poop and a few surveys – easy)!

We will also send you a $100 gift card at the completion of all your measurements.

If you’re interested in joining the study, please contact:

 Julie Talbott

3 Waves Wellness, LLC


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  1. francesca.fabbris

     /  April 21, 2023

    Good morning, Julie and Shawn.Would it be possible to take part to the test in Italy?I am a Kyäni Amare wellness partner and also CMWC.Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Best Regards Francesca Fabbris +393664080200 WhatsApp for international calls Inviato da smartphone Samsung Galaxy.

    • Hi Francesca – thanks for your interest but we can only have participants based in the USA for this study (because of the shipping of kits) – but maybe for the next one?

  2. Laurie Anderson

     /  April 22, 2023

    When will this study begin? I am still doing the Burn Challenge, but I have allergies and I have stress so I am totally interested!!

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