Microbiome and Weight

Dr. Shawn Talbott (Ph.D., CNS, LDN, FACSM, FACN, FAIS) has gone from triathlon struggler to gut-brain guru! With a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry, he's on a mission to boost everyday human performance through the power of natural solutions and the gut-brain axis.

I’ve written many times about the scientific links between our gut microbiome and our weight through a variety of mechanisms, including appetite signaling, metabolism, motivation, movement, sleep, and many others.

Here is a new video and slides (below) where I unpack some of the science and the application of harnessing our microbiome to help us lose weight (“take it off”) as well as help us prevent weight regain (“keep it off”).

Hope you enjoy – and please let me know any questions in the comments below?

About the Author

Exercise physiologist (MS, UMass Amherst) and Nutritional Biochemist (PhD, Rutgers) who studies how lifestyle influences our biochemistry, psychology and behavior - which kind of makes me a "Psycho-Nutritionist"?!?!

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