Your Microbiome is Going Extinct – Save It!

Very interesting article in Popular Mechanics about how the human microbiome is under threat of extinction – and why that is bad for our physical health, mental wellness, aging, and disease risk (and even for the health of entire planet) – yikes!

The article gives. brief over view of the new documentary, Invisible Extinction, that describes how our microbiome is involved in EVERY aspect of human health – creating vitamins, neurotransmitters, inflammatory molecules, appetite hormones, and coordinating immune system function (among many many other functions).

As I’ve written about MANY times on this blog, there is a LOT that we can do to keep our microbiome vibrant and healthy – such as eating more (and more types) fiber, moving our bodies, getting adequate sleep, and exposing ourselves to nature – but it is often not enough – so we can (and should) also supplement our diets with specific strains of probiotic bacteria, targeted structures of prebiotic fibers, and pure plant extracts to help maintain optimal microbiome balance and signaling across the Gut-Brain-Axis.

Keeping our microbiome strong and resilient is good for our physical health, optimizes our mental wellness, and probably improves how we age and reduces the risk of many age-related diseases – so get to it!

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