2023 Wellness Trends

Every year, the Global Wellness Institute and Summit releases their annual “Future of Wellness Trends Report” – which I received yesterday.

I am an Ambassador to the GWI and I’ve been an avid supporter of their work to educate about the importance of Mental Wellness – they were among the very first to identify the massive size of the “mental wellness economy” at well over $120-billion, and that was pre-pandemic (estimates are that this sector has more than doubled in the last 3 years).

It has been pretty cool that every year, Amare has been AHEAD of the trends – maybe even setting the trends?

Two years ago, the GWI was talking about trends like “Financial Wellness” and “Immune Support” (not “boosting”) – which Amare had already been at the forefront of since day one.

A year ago, some of the most notable trends involved natural support of libido & menopause, and microbiome & gut health – which just happen to be some the areas that many of our leading natural products address.

This year – in the 2023 trend report – I thought it was very cool to see that THREE of their highlighted areas were precisely what Amare has already been prepping…

#1 trend – exactly what our CEO Jared Turner talked about in his presentation at our Leadership Summit (yesterday!) = how Human Connection can be a solution for the “loneliness epidemic” that millions are facing around the world.

#4 trend – focuses on what we launched at our annual Convention a few months ago = microbiome-based beauty.

#6 trend – highlighted “activating brown fat and eliminating obesity” – which is exactly what I talked about when we launched our NEW “thermogenic” product yesterday – called GBX Burn – and when combined with GBX Fit that we launched a year ago (and a Finalist for Probiotic of the Year) – brings an unmatched product combination to the market that works across the entire Gut-Brain-Axis to help you “take it off” (release stored fat from “white” fat cells) and “keep it off” (reduce weight gain by activating “brown” fat cells) – all while feeling good with appetite/craving control, high energy, and good mood/motivation (with all-natural and stimulant-free ingredients).

I think it’s great to be “on trend” with the biggest initiatives in Health & Wellness, but SHEESH – talk about a company that is LEADING the industry – over and over again?!?!

Hat tip to everyone at Amare!

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  1. Unfortunately, the governments have not helped in the # 1 trend – Human Connection. They have broken families, friendships. Only now we can see a few of them mending but the hurt is still there. As a Natural Health Practitioner, I have been ridiculed, laughed at when trying to help people to understand that the human body is able to fix itself when given the proper nutrients. I see Amare as a ray of hope. I started taking the the products on January 18th, and I see a big difference in my stamina and stride. Thank you!


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