Another Breakthrough Coming…

After a few very busy weeks (months!?!?), I am really looking forward to the launch of an exciting new product this weekend in New Orleans.

Amare Global will be introducing a significant advance in the “weight loss” space – building on our success one year ago with GBX Fit (the world’s first “quad-biotic” for weight loss and finalist for “probiotic of the year” in 2022) – with what I think will be a world-leading new approach in the “thermogenic” (calorie/fat-burning) approach to weight loss.

The new product is called GBX Burn – and helps restore gut integrity (i.e. reduce “leaky gut”) and improve “diet-induced thermogenesis” (burning calories from food) – so people store less fat.

The combination of Fit and Burn will be an unmatched combination to simultaneously help people “take it off” (release stored fat with Fit) and “keep it off” (burn calories before they are stored with Burn).

Imagine having a natural, non-stimulant, science-based approach to help people get off the “roller-coaster” cycle of repeatedly losing/gaining weight – it’s a game-changer (again).

The official launch is this Saturday – so I’ll keep some of the details secret until then!

The product is on pre-sale now, and please check back next week for some updates about the active ingredients, how they work (mechanism of action), and why this approach is significantly different than anything before.

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