Amare and Kyani Product Highlights

A couple of weeks ago, I did overview videos of all of the Amare Products (to educate Kyani Partners) and all of the Kyani Products (to educate Amare Partners) – click on the links to see the respective video – and lots of people have asked for the slides (which you can download below).

The way I like to think about these two companies coming together is that we can deliver something to our customers that has never been available before – what I call the:

“Level-Up Lifestyle”

Reduce Stress & Boost Resilience = “feel better” (mind)

Protect Cells & Enhance Blood Flow = “function better” (body)

Achieve Mind/Body Balance = “Next-Level” Mental & Physical Performance

This is actually what consumers are looking for today – but they don’t know how to describe it – and they don’t know how to achieve it.

In Positive Psychology, we refer to it as “Vigor” (the opposite of burnout) or “Flourishing” (the opposite of languishing).

At Amare, we refer to the entire continuum as “Mental Wellness” – and this is our unique position in the market because nobody else is doing it the way that we’re doing it (the most effective and science-supported approach is to harness the Microbiome-Gut-Brain-Heart-Axis).

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  1. Patricia Bowerman

     /  January 10, 2023

    When will this be available in the UK?


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