Best Supplements for Athletes?

I’m here in Kona Hawaii for the Ironman World Championships on Thursday and Saturday (when I race) – send me good vibes!!!

I’m frequently asked about what supplements I take – and/or what are the best supplements for athletes?

Here is a short video (6min) of what my favorite ‘athlete combo’ of Amare supplements would be…

MentaHeart 30min before workouts less than 1h and right before exercise for longer than 1h

Energy+ and Edge in water bottles

HempGBX before very long workouts over 2h (to help induce ‘flow’)

Post-workout – Relief and OmMega to control inflammation and Superfood to stimulate tissue repair (autophagy)

For executives and especially ‘executive athletes’ I would also recommend Fundamentals and Mood+ and possibly Sleep+ to help develop a foundation of resilience to help avoid burnout

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