Food Allergies Can Be Reversed by Targeting the Microbiome

Researchers developed polymeric micelles of butyrate, a bacterial compound made by healthy a microbiome, that is effective against peanut allergies in mice.
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Interesting press release about a new study presented at the American Chemical Society…

The researchers developed a synthetic version of butyrate – a short-chain fatty acid produced by gut bacteria. Butyrate has a wide-range of benefits for metabolism (blood sugar balance and fat-burning), immune function, and gut integrity (preventing leaky gut).

This study showed that feeding the synthetic butyrate to mice improved their gut integrity (reduced their leaky gut) and thus calmed their immune system, reduced inflammation, and prevented food allergies (including peanut allergy).

We have previously shown that several of our Amare products can also improve butyrate levels (naturally – up to 89%) – both by “taking” it (such as in MentaSync) and by “making” it (with several products including Mentabiotics, Kids Fundamentals, and our entire GBX Food System with plant protein, fibers, and phytonutrients). This might be one of the many reasons that so many customers generally “feel better” when taking Amare products.

Great to see the Pharma approach to increasing butyrate levels, reducing leaky gut, and reversing food allergies – but I also think that there are a lot of people out there who should prefer a natural approach – which is how we do it at Amare.

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