Non-nutritive sweeteners alter microbiome function and glucose control, research finds

Researchers are challenging the long-held belief that non-nutritive sugar substitutes have no impact on humans. They discovered that some
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Lots of people are freaking out about this new study where scientists showed that HIGH levels of SOME “non-nutritive” sweeteners can alter the gut microbiome and lead to problems with blood sugar control.

No need to freak out if you follow a prudent approach…

I’ve talked about the potential impact of both artificial sweeteners (sucralose, aspartame, ACE-K, saccharin, etc) and natural sweeteners (stevia, xylitol, monk fruit, allulose, etc) on my YouTube channel =

This new study fed very high doses (equivalent to 10-20 “packs”) of sucralose, saccharin, aspartame, and stevia) to volunteers who had never consumed any of these previously (they also received sugar as a control).

First thing – it’s not typical for most people to have this super-high intake of any type of sweeteners – and if you’re doing that, you need to stop (duh!) because your diet is probably out of whack in a lot of ways besides just drinking a dozen Diet Cokes every day?

Next – the gut microbiome (which resides primarily in the lower part of the digestive tract; the large intestine/colon), does not really “see” sweeteners (including sugar) unless they are consumed in very large doses (such as drinking soda or eating lots of processed foods). This is because the sweetener is typically fully-absorbed in the small intestine and never reaches the microbiome in the large intestine (but sucralose is different because it is not absorbed – and high intakes of other sweeteners cause other problems after absorption).

Finally – while this study found microbiome/blood sugar problems for sucralose and saccharin – but not for aspartame and stevia – the REAL point of the study should be that, “anything you eat has the potential to impact your microbiome” (and thus everything else) – including your metabolism and mood and every aspect of health.

At Amare, we use a range of natural sweeteners in some of our products (different strengths of stevia leaf, birch extracts for xylitol, monk fruit, and others – and we have a new product launching in October that is sweetened with allulose that is naturally found in figs, grapes, and raisins). Those products are also naturally-flavored and additionally deliver a wide range of phytonutrients, prebiotic fibers, probiotic bacteria, and many other beneficial nutrients – so you really need to consider the entire nutritional “matrix” to understand what it might be doing to you and your microbiome.

Our studies show that the right blends of the right natural nutrients can deliver meaningful benefits for both mental wellness and physical health and performance.

Food Allergies Can Be Reversed by Targeting the Microbiome

Researchers developed polymeric micelles of butyrate, a bacterial compound made by healthy a microbiome, that is effective against peanut allergies in mice.
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Interesting press release about a new study presented at the American Chemical Society…

The researchers developed a synthetic version of butyrate – a short-chain fatty acid produced by gut bacteria. Butyrate has a wide-range of benefits for metabolism (blood sugar balance and fat-burning), immune function, and gut integrity (preventing leaky gut).

This study showed that feeding the synthetic butyrate to mice improved their gut integrity (reduced their leaky gut) and thus calmed their immune system, reduced inflammation, and prevented food allergies (including peanut allergy).

We have previously shown that several of our Amare products can also improve butyrate levels (naturally – up to 89%) – both by “taking” it (such as in MentaSync) and by “making” it (with several products including Mentabiotics, Kids Fundamentals, and our entire GBX Food System with plant protein, fibers, and phytonutrients). This might be one of the many reasons that so many customers generally “feel better” when taking Amare products.

Great to see the Pharma approach to increasing butyrate levels, reducing leaky gut, and reversing food allergies – but I also think that there are a lot of people out there who should prefer a natural approach – which is how we do it at Amare.

Mental Wellness Coach Certification – Irvine, CA

Next week – on August 25 & 26 – we will be holding the LAST of the Mental Wellness Coach Certifications for 2022 (outside of Plymouth MA) – so this is your chance to not only become a Certified Mental Wellness Coach, but to get a “buy one – bring one” deal (pay ONE tuition for TWO students).

We have a few seats left and we will sell out the room – so if you’re interested, visit THIS link to reserve your seat.

Hope to see you there!

About the Certified Mental Wellness Coach (CMWC):

The CMWC is a streamlined, focused, intense course spanning 16 hours of instruction in the role of diet and lifestyle factors in balancing the Microbiome-Gut-Heart-Brain-Axis for improved Mental Wellness.

Why Becoming a CMWC is Important

At no time in human history have we ever been so “advanced” technologically and yet so miserable psychologically.

It’s no exaggeration to describe stress, depression, anxiety, and burnout as epidemics – literally the “Black Plague” of our modern times.

How you feel is not just in your head, it’s also in your gut, and your heart, and your immune system, and in many other places inside and outside the actual brain in your head.

National surveys show that happiness and life satisfaction levels are at all-time lows, while depression, suicide, drug addiction, and use of prescription antidepressants and pain-killing opioids are at all-time highs.

There is no physical health without mental wellness. They are two sides of the same coin, and they are vital for each other and for our ability to reach our peak potential in this one life that we have to live.

The CMWC uses a “workshop” format with more than 500 slides to explore research-supported natural approaches that can improve how we feel mentally and perform physically in every aspect of our daily lives, including:

  • Science – the emerging science of Mental Fitness
    • Scope of Practice = What Mental Wellness Coaching is NOT
      • Counseling, treatment, prescribing, medicine…
    • What IS Mental Wellness Coaching
      • Education, Guidance, Training, Support to help unlock potential
    • New Paradigm of the Microbiome-Gut-Heart-Brain-Axis
    • Science-based natural products
    • Mental Wellness Economy
    • Science Deep Dive
  • Practice – What to DO?
    • Mindset
    • Ingredient Sourcing
    • Functional Nutrition
    • Cellular Stress
    • Immune System
    • Stress
    • Microbiome
    • Gut-Heart-Brain-Axis
    • Endotoxemia / Metabolism
    • Heart-Brain-Axis
    • Physical Performance
    • Sleep
    • Anti-Aging & Hormone Balance