Fuel Your Brain

June is “Brain Health Awareness Month” – so this video and the “brain-power” slides below cover several natural options for fueling your brain for optimal mental function (focus, creativity, memory, etc).

Ingredients covered include mango leaf, lychee fruit, palm fruit, and fish oil (omega-3s EPA and DHA).

Products = Amare Edge and OmMega

Certified Mental Wellness Coach – New August Dates!

We have 3 new sessions in August for training to become a Certified Mental Wellness Coach (CMWC):

August 11 (Th) – 12 (F) – 13 (Sat) – Charlotte, NC – Info HERE

August 19 (F) – 20 (Sat) – 21 (Sunday) – Dallas, TX – Info HERE

August 24 (W) – 25 (Th) – 26 (F) – Irvine, CA – Info HERE

About the Certified Mental Wellness Coach (CMWC):

The CMWC is a streamlined, focused, intense course spanning 16 hours of instruction in the role of diet and lifestyle factors in balancing the Microbiome-Gut-Heart-Brain-Axis for improved Mental Wellness. Here is a short video outlining what the CMWC is all about.

Why Becoming a CMWC is Important

At no time in human history have we ever been so “advanced” technologically and yet so miserable psychologically.

It’s no exaggeration to describe stress, depression, anxiety, and burnout as epidemics – literally the “Black Plague” of our modern times.

How you feel is not just in your head, it’s also in your gut, and your heart, and your immune system, and in many other places inside and outside the actual brain in your head.

National surveys show that happiness and life satisfaction levels are at all-time lows, while depression, suicide, drug addiction, and use of prescription antidepressants and pain-killing opioids are at all-time highs.

There is no physical health without mental wellness. They are two sides of the same coin, and they are vital for each other and for our ability to reach our peak potential in this one life that we have to live.

The CMWC uses a “workshop” format with more than 500 slides to explore research-supported natural approaches that can improve how we feel mentally and perform physically in every aspect of our daily lives, including:

  • Science – the emerging science of Mental Fitness
    • Scope of Practice = What Mental Wellness Coaching is NOT
      • Counseling, treatment, prescribing, medicine…
    • What IS Mental Wellness Coaching
      • Education, Guidance, Training, Support to help unlock potential
    • New Paradigm of the Microbiome-Gut-Heart-Brain-Axis
    • Science-based natural products
    • Mental Wellness Economy
    • Science Deep Dive
  • Practice – What to DO?
    • Mindset
    • Ingredient Sourcing
    • Functional Nutrition
    • Cellular Stress
    • Immune System
    • Stress
    • Microbiome
    • Gut-Heart-Brain-Axis
    • Endotoxemia / Metabolism
    • Heart-Brain-Axis
    • Physical Performance
    • Sleep
    • Anti-Aging & Hormone Balance

Riding for Ryan

Hi Everyone,

For anyone out there who has had their life F-ed up by cancer, I wanted to let you know about a fundraising ride that I’m doing in about 2 months – the Pan-Mass-Challenge (PMC) – 186 miles across the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

My brother-in-law, Ryan Graham, fought osteosarcoma (a form of bone cancer) for many years – ultimately dying from it and leaving behind a wife (Lindsey) and young son (Ben).

Lindsey and Ben are doing great now and moving on with their lives – and we will all have Ryan in our memories forever.

I’m a proud supporter of the PMC because it is leading a charge to beat cancer. In fact, last year 100% of rider-raised revenue went directly to support the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s tireless commitment to finding a cure.

The PMC course passes just a few miles from our new business in Plymouth Massachusetts – 3 Waves Bed & Breakfast – and we’ll be hosting a house full of riders and donating those proceeds to our fundraising efforts.

If you can, please join us in donating to fight cancer. F@#K Cancer.


Probiotic of the Year?

Amare’s GBXFit is a Finalist for “Probiotic of the Year”!

The world’s first “Quadbiotic” combining a probiotic, prebiotic, phytobiotic, and postbiotic in the same formula targeting weight loss.

See my video recap HERE