Recruiting for Gut-Brain Research Study!

Are you interested in getting a FREE microbiome analysis?

We have a new research study starting next month on the effect of a new nutrient blend on mood, mental focus, and microbiome balance.

The nutrient blend includes an amino acid, a fiber, and a fruit extract.

Participants will consume a stick pack daily containing different combinations of the powder (or a placebo).

The study lasts for 30 days, during which participants will provide a microbiome sample (💩 in the privacy of your home) and complete a few mental function surveys and an online test of mental focus and problem-solving.

All of the measurements are “remote” – so you do not need to visit in person for anything (we will send you everything you need and you will send your sample back to the lab in a pre-paid envelop).

It’s a pretty simple study – you’ll get your own personal microbiome analysis results before/after supplementation – and your Gut-Brain-Axis will thank you (so will we)!

If you’re interested in joining the study, please email Julie at for more information.

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