Open Mic Night!

Bring your questions and any topics for discussion…

You can join via Zoom at (password = “amare”) or on the livestream to Facebook

I’ll talk about my ski accident and what I’m doing to rehab my shoulder in time for a 50-mile trial run next month…

We can talk about anything you want – maybe about how the ‘Metal Wellness Economy” is the Next Big Thing in health?

Or how the Gut-Brain-Heart-Axis is the newest cutting-edge way to improve mental fitness and physical performance?

Or how I’ll be opening the world’s first “Mental Fitness Center” in May – where people can come to learn about natural modalities for improving mental wellness and even become a Certified Mental Wellness Coach (CMWC) so you can build a business around helping others reach their full mental and physical potential?

Hope to see you tonight at 6pm PST!

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