Do you want to be part of the Mental Wellness Economy?

Please join me tonight at 6pm PST for a discussion of how “Mental Wellness” is considered the “Next Big Thing” in all of health and medicine – and how YOU can participate in the Mental Wellness Revolution.

You can join via Zoom at (password = “amare”) or on the livestream to Facebook

Stress, loneliness and burnout were exploding pre-pandemic, and a stronger focus on mental wellness has been a cultural mega-shift these last few years: People awakening to the importance of integrative solutions including meditation, sleep and brain health – with businesses rushing in to offer all kinds of solutions. 

People increasingly seek non-clinical help in coping with everyday mental challenges, and that’s where the mental wellness industry is emerging as a new way to think about well-being.

Study after study shows how the pandemic has ravaged our mental well-being. People are desperate for alternative strategies to cope – and 2021 and beyond will be the tipping point for “mental wellness” to rise to the top of priorities for many people.

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