Open Mic Night!

Bring your questions and any topics for discussion…

You can join via Zoom at (password = “amare”) or on the livestream to Facebook

I’ll talk about my ski accident and what I’m doing to rehab my shoulder in time for a 50-mile trial run next month…

We can talk about anything you want – maybe about how the ‘Metal Wellness Economy” is the Next Big Thing in health?

Or how the Gut-Brain-Heart-Axis is the newest cutting-edge way to improve mental fitness and physical performance?

Or how I’ll be opening the world’s first “Mental Fitness Center” in May – where people can come to learn about natural modalities for improving mental wellness and even become a Certified Mental Wellness Coach (CMWC) so you can build a business around helping others reach their full mental and physical potential?

Hope to see you tonight at 6pm PST!

Do you want to be part of the Mental Wellness Economy?

Please join me tonight at 6pm PST for a discussion of how “Mental Wellness” is considered the “Next Big Thing” in all of health and medicine – and how YOU can participate in the Mental Wellness Revolution.

You can join via Zoom at (password = “amare”) or on the livestream to Facebook

Stress, loneliness and burnout were exploding pre-pandemic, and a stronger focus on mental wellness has been a cultural mega-shift these last few years: People awakening to the importance of integrative solutions including meditation, sleep and brain health – with businesses rushing in to offer all kinds of solutions. 

People increasingly seek non-clinical help in coping with everyday mental challenges, and that’s where the mental wellness industry is emerging as a new way to think about well-being.

Study after study shows how the pandemic has ravaged our mental well-being. People are desperate for alternative strategies to cope – and 2021 and beyond will be the tipping point for “mental wellness” to rise to the top of priorities for many people.

Your Fiber Deficiency…

You almost certainly need more fiber in your diet. In fact, fiber might be the MOST important nutrient for you to focus on?

The national recommendations are around 30 grams per day – but most Americans only get around 15 grams or less (mostly because we’re not eating enough fruits and vegetables).

This lack of fiber has serious implications for not just your gut, but also the health and performance of your brain, heart, immune system, and virtually every aspect of your health.

I did a quick segment on my monthly Fresh Living visit (KUTV – CBS channel 2 in Salt Lake City) – you can see the clip here

I’m also doing a Deep Dive about “Why you need more fiber – and how to get it” tonight at 6pm PST – which you can join via Zoom at (password = “amare”) or on Facebook