How to “Feel Better” in 2021

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Wellness With Courtney

I am super-excited to congratulate my daughter, Courtney Talbott, on her acceptance into the highly competitive MS/RD program at Boston University (Master of Science in Nutrition & Dietetic Internship).

Courtney is in her final semester of studying Nutrition (major) and Psychology (minor) at CalPoly – and she has been extremely active with the Real Food Collaborative, media work to educate consumers, Amare, and developing her own educational platform at and on Instagram (she has some terrific content and recipes – so check it out).

Last Call for Energy Drink Prototype

Just about a year ago, many of you helped me raise money to rebuild a school in Madagascar. Together, we were successful in raising enough to fund not only the rebuilding of the school, but also a teacher’s salary plus books and school supplies – and we did all of this just as the coronavirus pandemic was starting to spread around the globe.

As part of the fundraiser, I sent a “thank you case” of my prototype “energy drink” to anyone who donated $100 (60 servings = $1.67/serving) – and I asked for feedback on what people thought of the drink. On average, that version was deemed to be highly energizing (everyone loved how it made them feel), but perhaps “too sweet” for some people? A handful of people even thought that the formula was “too potent” at the suggested 4-ounce serving size (including 100mg of caffeine) – so they dialed things down by using only 2-ounces at a time?

Based on this feedback, I have a new (better!) version coming out with Amare Global in the next month or two. This new version uses a somewhat different blend of natural ingredients (from 3 continents – Asia, Africa, and North America) – so we can deliver a very noticeable boost in mood, motivation, and metabolism – without using caffeine and without having to “over-sweeten” to cover the bitter-tasting actives. I am super-excited for this new formula, which goes far beyond anything that exists in either the “energy” or “weight” categories – it really is a new way to optimize mental and physical performance at the high end of the mental wellness continuum.

All that said, I still have some remaining lab samples of the previous prototype – so if you liked the earlier version, let me know. Same deal as before ($100/case), but since the KickStarter campaign is concluded, you can just donate to either PayPal ( or Venmo (@DocTalbott). Unfortunately, when these final samples are gone, they’re gone (but the new version will launch with Amare in a few weeks).

I’m hoping that global travel opens up in 2021 – because how cool would it be to join me on my next visit to Madagascar – or to some of our ingredient farms in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, or North/South America (every continent besides Antarctica)!?!? I’m hoping to run a contest or two in 2021 to enable people to join us to see where our ingredients come from, how they’re harvested, and how we support the local people and economy – so stay tuned for news about that (subscribe for updates below)!

Microbiome and Aging

Yet another interesting article outlining the many ways in which the human microbiome governs so many aspects of human health – in this case, the aging process.

Gut microbiota and aging

Zongxin Ling, Xia Liu, Yiwen Cheng, Xiumei Yan & Shaochang Wu (2020) 

Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, DOI: 10.1080/10408398.2020.1867054


Aging is characterized by the functional decline of tissues and organs and increased risk of aging-associated disorders, which pose major societal challenges and are a public health priority. Despite extensive human genetics studies, limited progress has been made linking genetics with aging. There is a growing realization that the altered assembly, structure and dynamics of the gut microbiota actively participate in the aging process. Age-related microbial dysbiosis is involved in reshaping immune responses during aging, which manifest as immunosenescence (insufficiency) and inflammaging (over-reaction) that accompany many age-associated enteric and extraenteric diseases. The gut microbiota can be regulated, suggesting a potential target for aging interventions. This review summarizes recent findings on the physiological succession of gut microbiota across the life-cycle, the roles and mechanisms of gut microbiota in healthy aging, alterations of gut microbiota and aging-associated diseases, and the gut microbiota-targeted anti-aging strategies.

Getting “Unstuck” in 2021

If 2020 has left you “stuck in a rut” (like it has for literally millions of people across the country), then please join me tonight at 6pm PST for a discussion about how to get “unstuck” – whether that be with your motivation, your energy levels, your weight, whatever.

This isn’t about “rah rah” happy thinking – it’s about SCIENCE (specifically nutritional biochemistry and nutritional psychology) – and more importantly, how we can USE the new science around gut health, your microbiome, and the Gut-Brain-Heart-Axis to get you moving in the right direction again.

Maybe you’re stuck because of stress (there was plenty of that to go around in 2020 – and more to come in at least the first part of 2021)?

Maybe you’re stuck because of hormones (both pregnancy and menopause are associated with the topics that we will discuss tonight)?

Maybe you’re stuck because of food intolerances or environmental “toxins” (which can include antibiotics, air pollution, pesticides, etc)?

Getting UNSTUCK means that your daytime fatigue is replaced with abundant physical energy and mental focus.

Getting UNSTUCK means that your metabolism starts to move again – and you lose body fat without “exercising” any harder or “dieting” any more strictly.

Getting UNSTUCK means that your chronic stress is more manageable because your resilience is enhanced – allowing you to show up to any given situation and take care of business.

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