Immune Boosting Super Foods

On April 1 (no joke!), I joined the hosts of Fresh Living on Utah’s CBS Channel 2 (virtually, of course) to discuss some of the most effective foods for supporting immune system protection.

The video is here on KUTV and here on YouTube – and below are the recipes for the smoothie and the shot that I discussed…

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Immune Boosting Smoothie and Shot

With all the concern about corona virus, I will be presenting my top 10 foods for boosting immunity and helping to protect us from viruses.

Some of the top 10 foods include:

-Citrus/Kiwi (vitamin C)

-Berries (flavonoids)

-Yogurt (probiotic/beneficial bacteria)

-Seeds (prebiotic fiber)

-Mushrooms (glucans)

-Garlic (sulfur)

-Spinach (carotenoids)

-Turmeric/Ginger (turmerones/gingerols)


Smooth Immune (2 servings)

-2 cups of Almond milk

-1 cup of frozen berries

-1 cup vanilla yogurt

-1 cup spinach

-2 scoops Amare GBX Protein (Vanilla)

-2 scoops Amare SeedFiber (mushrooms, seed fibers)

-2 scoops Amare SuperFood (fruit/vegetable extracts)


Immunity Shot

-1 small orange

-1 small lemon

-1 garlic clove

-1/4 cup chopped turmeric (peeled or unpeeled)

-1/4 cup chopped ginger (peeled of unpeeled)

-Blend garlic, turmeric, ginger together first

-Add orange and lemon and blend all ingredients together into a juice

-Optional = strain pulp (I prefer to keep all the healthy fiber/pulp, but personal preference)


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