Is Mental Wellness Becoming Trendy? (Let’s Hope So)!

Tomorrow (October 10, 2019) is World Mental Health Day – and October is ADHD Awareness Month.

I’m speaking (today and tomorrow) at a mental wellness conference in Toronto that is focused on mental health in the gaming industry – and Amare is a Founding Sponsor to help bring some of the very top though-leaders together to devise plans for addressing mental wellness issues on a massive scale.

I spoke today about the links between our microbiome, our gut-brain-axis, and our mental wellness – something that many attendees were hearing for the very first time – so it was a lot of fun!

In a growing trend that I hope continues, we are seeing more and more celebrities “come out” about their personal struggles with mental wellness issues from depression to anxiety to chronic stress (

I’m very fortunate to be part of a company ( that is DOING something to help people improve their Mental Wellness – through a platform of products, programs, and people that can help all of us improve how we feel, how we perform, and how we help others.

Here are just a few of the celebrities who have opened up recently about their personal struggles with mental wellness…


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