ADHD Awareness Month in October!

Dr. Shawn Talbott (Ph.D., CNS, LDN, FACSM, FACN, FAIS) has gone from triathlon struggler to gut-brain guru! With a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry, he's on a mission to boost everyday human performance through the power of natural solutions and the gut-brain axis.

I visited Fresh Living on CBS channel 2 (KUTV) yesterday to kick off October as National ADHD Awareness Month!

Here is the clip =


Here is a little more information about what we talked about…

ADHD – or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects millions of kids – and adults – across America.

Symptoms of ADHD are a lot more extensive than just problems “focusing” – they include:

  • Being disorganized
  • Having a hard time paying attention to details
  • Having a tendency to make careless mistakes
  • Having trouble staying on topic while talking
  • Not listening to others
  • Being forgetful about daily activities (such as missing appointments)
  • Being easily distracted

There are a WIDE variety of science-supported natural approaches to improve focus and attention…

Pomegranate – helps to activate brain regions associated with BOTH focus and calmness

Caffeine – small amounts of this “stimulant” can actually calm the brains of people with ADHD

Pine Bark – helps to improve the “speed” of brain processing

Theanine – naturally found in green tea, can help to reduce “beta” brain waves (tension/irritability) and enhance “alpha” brain waves (relaxed alertness)

Saffron – shown in clinical studies to be equivalent to Prozac for mood and Ritalin for focus

About the Author

Exercise physiologist (MS, UMass Amherst) and Nutritional Biochemist (PhD, Rutgers) who studies how lifestyle influences our biochemistry, psychology and behavior - which kind of makes me a "Psycho-Nutritionist"?!?!

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