ADHD Awareness Month in October!

I visited Fresh Living on CBS channel 2 (KUTV) yesterday to kick off October as National ADHD Awareness Month!

Here is the clip =


Here is a little more information about what we talked about…

ADHD – or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects millions of kids – and adults – across America.

Symptoms of ADHD are a lot more extensive than just problems “focusing” – they include:

  • Being disorganized
  • Having a hard time paying attention to details
  • Having a tendency to make careless mistakes
  • Having trouble staying on topic while talking
  • Not listening to others
  • Being forgetful about daily activities (such as missing appointments)
  • Being easily distracted

There are a WIDE variety of science-supported natural approaches to improve focus and attention…

Pomegranate – helps to activate brain regions associated with BOTH focus and calmness

Caffeine – small amounts of this “stimulant” can actually calm the brains of people with ADHD

Pine Bark – helps to improve the “speed” of brain processing

Theanine – naturally found in green tea, can help to reduce “beta” brain waves (tension/irritability) and enhance “alpha” brain waves (relaxed alertness)

Saffron – shown in clinical studies to be equivalent to Prozac for mood and Ritalin for focus

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