Fiber for Autism?

In addition to a recent video podcast about autism and nourishing the gut-brain-axis, I did an interview with NewsMax about a similar topic.

Parents ask me all the time about WHAT fibers they can buy and WHERE they can find them.

The specific prebiotic fibers that were used in the recent autism clinical trials used BiMuno GOS (galacto-oligo-saccharide) or SunFiber (galactomannan) – and two products from Amare Global contain BOTH BiMuno and SunFiber (MentaBiotics and Kids FundaMentals).

Obviously, there is a lot more happening with autism spectrum disorders than “just” a lack of prebiotic fiber – but this new research is making new tools available to combine with other lifestyle interventions and help move us all in the right direction.


Recent Presentations and Media

Here is a presentation that I did on April 5 in Loveland CO about how Athletes can benefit from focusing on improving their Mental Wellness via microbiome modulation and optimization of their Gut-Brain-Axis – the slides are here (Amare Athletes April 5 2019) and the video is here.

The interview/podcast that I did on April 1st with Sarah Hein about the role of the microbiome and Gut-Brain-Axis in Autism and ADHD is posted – the slides are here (ADHD Autism Podcast April 1 2019) and the video is here.

While I was in Phoenix recently (April 3), I was able to make a quick visit to Channel 7 to talk about how your gut and especially the bacteria in your microbiome play a large part in our food cravings – the video is here.

Hope you enjoy them!



Gut Check for Athletes

Here are the slides that I’ll be using for my talk about Gut Health in Athletes in Loveland CO

Amare Athletes April 5 2019

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Gut-Brain-Axis Balance and ADD/ADHD/Autism

Tonight at 9pm EST, I’ll be joining Sarah Hein to discuss how the microbiome and the gut-brain-axis is related to mood, focus, and especially to ADHD and autism.

Here are the slides that I’ll be using = ADHD Autism Podcast April 1 2019

UPDATE – here is the recorded video =