Project b3 for Mental Health Month (May)

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Join Our Group Project b3 for Mental Health Month!
In honor of May being Mental Health Month, we’re supporting this year’s theme of #4Mind4Body by kicking off a Group Project b3 event! The host for this special initiative will be our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Shawn Talbott.

Project b3 is a program that focuses on the body, brain and biome to optimize one’s mental wellness and physical health. This innovative program provides effective tips and techniques to help create a healthier, happier you!*

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Better Together!
Studies show that balancing your physical and mental health can be better with a group of people, rather than by yourself. So, grab a friend and join us for this motivational event!

All the action will take place via Facebook. Beginning May 1, Dr. Shawn will be holding live Project b3 sessions via Zoom and streaming to Facebook Live in the Project b3 Facebook Group. These sessions will run every Wednesday night at 6 p.m. PST through the end of June (eight weeks total).

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Join Our Project b3 Facebook Group
Group Project b3 weekly schedule:May 1: Session 1 (Week 0) — Overview

May 8: Session 2 (Week 1) — Body/Brain/Biome

May 15: Session 3 (Week 2) — Supplementation

May 22: Session 4 (Week 3) — Exercise

May 29: Session 5 (Week 4) — Nutrition

June 5: Session 6 (Week 5) — Stress/Sleep

June 12: Session 7 (Week 6) — Evaluation

June 19: Session 8 (Week 7) — Open Discussion

June 26: Session 9 (Week 8) — Review and Summary

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Get your Project b3 Pack today, so you can be involved in all the action starting next week!
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Share your Project b3 journey on Instagram — remember to tag us @amareglobal and #Projectb3 #4Mind4Body!
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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World Happiness Report

The latest edition of the World Happiness Report was released last month – just in time for April’s observance of National Stress Awareness month – and May’s observance of Mental Health Awareness month.

Unfortunately, stress is on the rise and mental health is on the decline globally.

According to the report, which asks residents of 156 countries to rate their life satisfaction on a 0-10 scale (worst possible life to best possible life), negative emotions like worry, anger, and sadness are rising (up ~30% across the last decade).

The countries with the highest life satisfaction include the Nordic countries (see below) – with the USA coming in a disappointing 19th with an average score of 6.9 (dropping a spot from 18th in 2018). Canada did OK at 9th – and Mexico ranked 23rd (average score of 6.6).


American adults have been getting less happy since 2000 (including an epidemic of addictions to opioids to mask physical pain, and antidepressants to mask mental pain), while adolescents have been experiencing more depression, suicidal ideation, and self-harm since 2010.

At Amare, we’re making progress in leading the global Mental Wellness Revolution by inventing science-based products, developing innovative programs, and fostering social connections between people around the world.

We can be stronger and more effective together – please join us!

Project b3 – Get Ready for Summer!

Who is ready for another online Project b3 session?

To celebrate May as National Mental Health Awareness Month – and to celebrate June as the start of Summer (and beach/swimsuit season) – I’ll be holding another LIVE online series of Project b3 seminars.

They will start on May 1 and run every Wednesday night at 7pm MST thru the end of June (8 weeks).

I will run each session LIVE via Zoom (join via this link if you want to ask questions) – with streaming to Facebook Live in the Project b3 private FB Group (join via this link if you just want to watch/share).

Each session will be recorded and posted to the FB Group and this blog for re-watching/sharing.

Order your Project b3 Pack today so you can start on May 1

Here is the weekly schedule:

May 1 – Session 1 (Week 0) – Overview

May 8 – Session 2 (Week 1) – Body/Brain/Biome

May 15 – Session 3 (Week 2) – Supplementation

May 22 – Session 4 (Week 3) – Exercise

May 29 – Session 5 (Week 4) – Nutrition

June 5 – Session 6 (Week 5) – Stress/Sleep

June 12 – Session 7 (Week 6) – Evaluation

June 19 – Session 8 (Week 7) – Open Discussion

June 26 – Session 9 (Week 8) – Review & Summary

Amare Heart2Heart Symposium

Don’t wait to register for Amare’s Heart2Heart mental Wellness Symposium on Sept 5-7 in Anaheim CA.

Watch this short video to see my top 3 reasons last year’s H2H was great and why I’m excited for this year!

Register for Amare’s Heart2Heart Symposium (early bird pricing) HERE

Go ahead and record your OWN “top 3 reasons to attend H2H” on FB Live – and tag Amare Global and use hashtag #WhyH2H for a chance for your video to be shared through Amare’s FB page, emails, etc.


Fiber for Autism?

In addition to a recent video podcast about autism and nourishing the gut-brain-axis, I did an interview with NewsMax about a similar topic.

Parents ask me all the time about WHAT fibers they can buy and WHERE they can find them.

The specific prebiotic fibers that were used in the recent autism clinical trials used BiMuno GOS (galacto-oligo-saccharide) or SunFiber (galactomannan) – and two products from Amare Global contain BOTH BiMuno and SunFiber (MentaBiotics and Kids FundaMentals).

Obviously, there is a lot more happening with autism spectrum disorders than “just” a lack of prebiotic fiber – but this new research is making new tools available to combine with other lifestyle interventions and help move us all in the right direction.


Recent Presentations and Media

Here is a presentation that I did on April 5 in Loveland CO about how Athletes can benefit from focusing on improving their Mental Wellness via microbiome modulation and optimization of their Gut-Brain-Axis – the slides are here (Amare Athletes April 5 2019) and the video is here.

The interview/podcast that I did on April 1st with Sarah Hein about the role of the microbiome and Gut-Brain-Axis in Autism and ADHD is posted – the slides are here (ADHD Autism Podcast April 1 2019) and the video is here.

While I was in Phoenix recently (April 3), I was able to make a quick visit to Channel 7 to talk about how your gut and especially the bacteria in your microbiome play a large part in our food cravings – the video is here.

Hope you enjoy them!



Gut Check for Athletes

Here are the slides that I’ll be using for my talk about Gut Health in Athletes in Loveland CO

Amare Athletes April 5 2019

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Loveland, We’ll See You Soon!
Date: Friday, April 5
Time: 7 PM-9 PM
Location: Crossfit 970
6820 Powell St.
Loveland, CO
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Your mental health is not just in your head ― it’s in your gut too! Join us at our Spring Rise Tour event to learn more!
We’ve developed the world’s first award-winning gut-brain axis nutrition system to help people optimize their mental wellness. Join us at one of the local events listed below to find out more and see how you can take yourself to a higher level of mental and physical performance.
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Event Hosts
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Janelle and Andrew Devlin
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Dr. Shawn Talbott
Chief Science Officer
Founding Executive
7 PM-9 PM
Introduction to Amare

(Guests Welcome!)
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There is NO greater wealth than peace of mind!
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Our mailing address is:

Amare Global

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Gut-Brain-Axis Balance and ADD/ADHD/Autism

Tonight at 9pm EST, I’ll be joining Sarah Hein to discuss how the microbiome and the gut-brain-axis is related to mood, focus, and especially to ADHD and autism.

Here are the slides that I’ll be using = ADHD Autism Podcast April 1 2019

UPDATE – here is the recorded video =