National Stress Awareness Month!

(KUTV) — April is National Stress Awareness Month. So who better to join us than Dr. Shawn to share his favorite science-based ways to control stress.


Watch the video segment HERE

  • Outsmart Stress-Eating = any type of stress, but especially lack of sleep, can lead to cravings for sugar and comfort foods. Before you eat, especially at night when stress-eating is most likely to occur, ask yourself if it’s “real” hunger or stress cravings?
  • Turn Down Your Stress Response – certain foods and herbals can help your body and mind to reduce an overactive stress response to help calm your anxiety in the moment. Nuts (almonds/walnuts), asparagus, yogurt, and green tea all contain bioactive nutrients that can help us relax.
  • Prepare for the NEXT Stressor – improve your “resilience” to stress so you’re better able to “roll” with whatever comes your way with flavonoids (berries/cherries/chocolate), mushrooms, fiber and probiotics.

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Gut Check Summit – April 6

I’m excited to be delivering the Keynote seminar at the Gut Check Summit in Fort Collins Colorado this coming Saturday, April 6.

My topic is. “The Gut-Brain-Axis and Mental Wellness”

I will try to record the session and post the video HERE

Here are the slides that I will use = Gut Check Summit April 6 2019

If you’re in the Fort Colins area, please come join us for an entire day of discussions around the role of the gut in overall health, beauty, and well-being.


Gut-Brain-Axis at Utah State University – Thursday March 28

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be speaking at Utah State University this Thursday (March 28) about the role of the Gut-Brain-Axis in Mental Wellness.

The event is being hosted by the NeuroScience Student Association – and we will start at 7pm MT in Room 215 of the Eccles Business Building

If you’re in the area, please join us.

If you’re out of the area, we will stream the talk live via Zoom =

UPDATE = Here is the recording of the event =

Here are the slides that I will be using = USU Gut Brain Mental Wellness



Mom & Baby Microbiome

Earlier today, I did a Zoom call about “Microbiome 101 For Mama’s-To-Be” with Amare Wellness Partners Laurisa Truemper and Mackenzie Woods – the video is here

Here are my slides = Mother Baby Microbiome


Microbiome 101 Zoom Invite 3-25-19.jpg

Racing for Recovery Fundraiser

This Sunday, March 31, I’ll be riding to raise money for Racing for Recovery – a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to improve quality of life for addicts and their loved ones by promoting a lifestyle of health, fitness, and sobriety.

Racing for Recovery was started almost 20 years ago by my friend and fellow Ironman, Todd Crandall, who found triathlon and an active lifestyle as way to help with his own addiction issues.

I’ll be raising money throughout the year to help support the life-saving mission of Racing for Recovery, which includes free ongoing support for those recovering and their loved ones.

My first event is the Sufferfest Knighthood Challenge – where I will ride 10 Sufferfest videos back-to-back (~10 hours on the bike trainer – good grief)…which I am required to “document” – and which I will do on Facebook.

Racing for Recovery is in need of basic cleaning supplies, trash bags, etc (including a washer/dryer) for their facility (outside Toledo, OH) – so I’m trying to raise ~$5,000 to help them with those expenses and on-going needs.

If you’re able to donate $10 – that’s ~$1/hr to keep me pedaling – we can help a lot of people to get/stay sober and leave addiction in the dust.

Easiest way to donate between now and Sunday night is via my PayPal link or via VenMo – any amount is helpful!

Thanks – and pray for me!


Two Brains?

Did you know that you have TWO brains in your body?

Yep – the one that you know about – in your head – and your “2nd brain” in your gut.

That 2nd brain can determine many aspects of how we feel and perform such as our mood, appetite, and cravings.

Here is a short segment from Milwaukee’s CBS58 where I talk about how to properly nourish your 2nd brain

Amare Science Overview – March 19, 2019

Here is the video from the Weekly Science Zoom =

Here are the Slides = Talbott Tues Science Overview

Project b3 – Evaluation

The topic tonight is “Evaluation” – the last step in the SENSE program – which is a weekly reminder to do a systems check to evaluate how the previous week went and what to focus on for the coming week.

The slides are here = Project b3 Study Evaluation

The video of the seminar is here =


Project b3 Study – Stress/Sleep

Tonight’s seminar for our Project b3 research study is about Stress and Sleep.

Here are the slides = Project b3 Study Session 5 Stress Sleep

Here is the video =

Enjoy and please let me know any questions?

Gut Brain Connection to Mental Wellness

This evening (Thursday March 14), I was thrilled to speak to a sold out audience at Sussex Hamilton High School in the Milwaukee area.

I talked about the role of the Gut-Brain-Axis in Mental Wellness (including stress, depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, etc).

The timing of this presentation (at a high school) was perfect because of a new report from the Pew Research Foundation showing that anxiety and depression are on the rise among America’s youth. Notably, the report emphasized that 7-in-10 teens see anxiety & depression as major problems among their peers (or themselves).

We recorded the seminar and posted the video here =

Here are my slides = Gut Brain Mental Wellness

Please enjoy the presentation and let me know any questions?



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