Amare Deep Dives

Every week or so, I do a Zoom call where I talk about a different aspect of science related to Mental Wellness – everything for stress to depression to neurotransmitters to immune functions, etc.

We post the recorded calls (videos) at and also on my YouTube channel at the links below.

Many people have asked me for the slides – so I have included links below to download the slide decks that I used during each call.

I hope you enjoy these mini-seminars, and please let me know any comments you have and what topics you’d like to see covered in coming episodes?

Topic = MentaHeart and Heart-Brain-Axis (Sept 12,2019) – one of Amare Global’s newest products and also a completely new paradigm that improves physical performance (cardiac efficiency and cardiovascular dynamics) and mental fitness (well-being, mood, energy, motivation) simultaneously for optimized mental/physical performance.

Topic = Gut-Brain-Axis and Amare Overview in St. George Utah (June 27, 2019) =

Topic = Nootropics (“brain boosters”) – Deep Dive on June 6, 2019

Topic = FAQs from May 23, 2019 – many questions answered = Video

Topic = What is the Best Protein? (Deep Dive May 16, 2019)

Topic = Overview of Gut-Brain-Axis role in Mental Wellness (Tuesday night zoom – Feb 5, 2019)


Topic = “Health Professionals Overview” (a little more science focus on aspects of stress/mental parameters)


Topic = “Phased Benefits” of Amare Products (how long until you feel better?)


Topic = Metabolism = How gut-brain-axis modulation and Amare products may help with “metabolism” issues such as insulin/glucose/thyroid/diabetes/obesity.


Topic = Stress, Burnout, Resilience (How gut-brain-axis modulation can help reduce stress and burnout, while improving mood and resilience)


Topic = Overview of the FundaMentals Clinical Trial (microbiome modulation & mood improvement)


Topic = Stress & Addiction (how gut-brain-axis modulation may be a natural approach to reducing cravings and addictive tendencies)


Topic = Mental Wellness & Physical Health (how improving your “mental” wellness such as mood, focus, and energy levels can also lead to improvements in pain, skin, weight, appetite, and many other “physical” benefits)


Topic = Gut-Brain-Axis Balance for Athletes (why should an athlete care about GBX balance?)


Topic = Importance of Gut-Brain-Axis Balance for ADHD/Autism (how to maintain efficient crosstalk between our two brains).


Topic = Targeted Nutrition for Cellular Protection (how to not only directly protect your cells with the right nutrients, but how to use phytonutrients to stimulate cells to protect themselves with enhanced production of antioxidant enzymes, stress response proteins, and activation of anti-aging pathways).


Topic = Enhancing the “Axis” portion of the Gut-Brain-Axis (how and why the communication network between our “two brains” is so important – and how you can enhance it’s efficiency).


Topic = Improving Brain Function and Memory (how can we naturally improve focus, memory, and overall brain health)


Topic = Deep Dive on Amare’s Sleep+ & Relief+ (how they work and why they’re unique)


Topic = Natural Approaches to Stress, Anxiety, and Depression (how modulation of the microbiome, optimization of the gut-brain-axis, and natural neurotransmitter balance can help to improve mood, energy, and focus)


Topic = “Detox Effect” – what happens if you feel WORSE before you feel BETTER? (this can comseimte happen to some people going thru a “rebalancing” regimen that may include dietary changes, supplements, exercise, etc – but the “bad” feelings will pass and you’ll feel better as your body adjusts.

  • Video
  • Slides – no slides for this one, just talking and answering several questions


Other Slides that might be interesting to some people…

Slides I used at the Mental Health America 2018 Conference when I talked about, “Food for Thought – Nutritional Psychology and the Role of Nutrition in Mental Wellness” =  Talbott MHA Conference June 2018 (PDF) and Talbott MHA Conference June 2018 (PPT)

Topic = Shorter slide deck that I use when I do a “science overview” on our Tuesday Science Zoom = Talbott Tuesday Solo

Topic = Slides that I use when I do a longer science/product overview – we often split these into a Morning session (overview of Mental Wellness, Gut-Brain-Axis, and Fundamentals) and an Afternoon session (deeper dive into some of the product-specifics)

Topic = Slides that I tend to use when I speak to a group of Health Professionals about microbiome modulation, gut-brain-axis optimization, and mental wellness enhancement = GBX HealthPro

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