Amare is coming to Utah – Feb 21st

Launch Tour = Wednesday, February 21st
Hyatt Place Salt Lake City/Lehi Traverse Mountain
3700 N Outlet Parkway Lehi, UT


Rich Higbee–President of Sales / Founding Executive

Dr. Shawn Talbott – Chief Scientific Officer / Founding Executive

Pat Hintze – Founding Wellness Partner


There has been a radical shift in scientific thinking that your mental health might not just be in your head . . . but it’s in your gut! Come learn why.

7:00pm – 8:30pm Introduction to Amare (invite guests):

Amare, The Mental Wellness Company, is a new and exciting company in its launch phase. Amare’s vision is to lead the global mental wellness revolution, empowering people to live happier and healthier lives.

8:30pm – 10:00pm Product & Business Training:

Amare’s unique business model allows you to “Make a Difference” by helping other people to “Be Well.” Our mission is to create natural mental wellness products for a community of passionate people who desire an extraordinary life.

There is NO greater wealth than peace of mind!





Gut-Brain Connection with Dr Nandi

Spent a terrific day yesterday as a guest on the Dr Nandi Show – talking about gut health, microbiome balance, and gut-brain-axis function to support mental wellness (depression, anxiety, stress, etc).

I was joined by Carrie Motluck who shared her amazing story of bouncing back from her own mental wellness challenges with attention to optimizing gut-brain-axis balance with the right probiotics, prebiotics, and phytobiotics – including Amare Fundamentals (recently nominated for ‘2018 Best New Product’).

Stay tuned for the air date of this powerful episode of the Dr Nandi Show!

Weathering the Storm?

Have you ever started a healthy diet or a new supplement regimen – hoping to feel better – and actually felt WORSE?

Well join the club – because that happens to LOTS of people.

On this evening’s Zoom call, we’ll be talking about WHY this happens and WHAT  to do about it to help ease yourself into a new regimen and toward feeling better.

Please join us at 6pm PT / 7pm MT / 8pm CT / 9pm ET

Microbiome = Rosetta Stone for Health

It’s very possible that the master key to unlocking chronic disease will turn out to be the health and composition of the microbiota in your gut. – Michael Pollan and Ruth Reichl