How to be Happier?

The New York Times – and the stellar science/health writer Tara Parker-Pope (@nytimeswell on Twitter) has pulled together and excellent guide on “How to Be Happy” – and just in time for the most stressful time of the year – the Holidays!

Read the full guide HERE

Some of the research-supported tips include:

  • Conquer Negative Thinking
  • Controlled Breathing
  • Rewriting Your Story
  • Get Moving
  • Practice Optimism
  • Spending Time in Nature
  • Declutter
  • The 1-Minute Rule
  • Improve Your Bedroom Life (Sleep, Sex, Relaxation)
  • Spend Time With Happy People
  • Pets Make You Happy
  • Be OK Being Alone
  • Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness (at least after $75k/yr)
  • Find Purpose at Work
  • Buying Time Promotes Happiness
  • Be Generous (giving a gift makes us happier than getting a gift)
  • Volunteer
  • Practice Self-Compassion

These are all great tips that can work to boost happiness in different situations – but another very effective and cutting-edge science-based approach to improving “happiness” (mood, depression, anxiety, stress, energy, focus, etc) is microbiome modulation and optimization of the gut-brain-axis.

A range of recent human clinical studies have shown specific strains of probiotic bacteria and prebiotic fibers to significantly reduce indices of depression, anxiety, and stress – not to mention the overall mood benefits of research-proven herbs such as Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) and Rafuma (Apocynum venetum).

During this high-stress Holiday season, it’s especially important to take care of OURSELVES so we can take care of those around us.

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