Amare in Palm Beach Florida

On Tuesday December 12, we’ll be holding an Amare Global event in Palm Beach Gardens, FL – see details below.

My good friend and co-founder, Rich Higbee (President of Sales) and I will be sharing our mission at Amare to change how the world thinks about Mental Wellness – and how we can improve many aspects of how we feel and perform (mood, energy, focus, etc) by balancing the microbiome and optimizing the gut-brain-axis.

We would love for you to join us from 6-9pm on Dec 12.

PDF Flyer for Palm Beach Event = Prelaunch_PalmBeachGardens_Dec12


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  1. Denise Ouellette

     /  December 27, 2017

    In your book – The Cortisol Connection, you talk about a supplement PMF’s 300 mg of citrus peel extract. What brand do you recommend and where can I purchase them?



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