Amare Product Training

On Sept 14, 2017 – I had the great pleasure to join Amare Global’s Founding Wellness Partner, Pat Hintze to present an overview of the Amare product lineup.

Just entering our second week of pre-launch (we went “live” on Sept 1), we had almost 100 attendees to hear about how Amare is changing the way the world approaches Mental Wellness (by rebalancing the microbiome and gut-brain-axis). We expect close to 500 people at our Pre-Launch Summit in Irvine CA this coming Saturday (Sept 23) – and if you’re anywhere near Orange County, then you NEED to get yourself there!

If you’re interested, you can use the links below to view the slides and listen to the audio of my presentation in Wisconsin:

Slides (PDF version) = Amare Wisconsin 091417

Audio file (mp4 format – will play in iTunes) =

Please let me know any questions or comments?

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