Toward a new mental wellness paradigm

Amare Global, The Mental Wellness Company is hosting TWO FREE events in Irvine CA:

  • Friday, September 22nd (6-10pm) – Pre-Launch Ribbon Cutting
    • At our new offices (17871 Gillette Ave, Irvine, CA)
    • Food, Ribbon-cutting, music/dancing, tours, photos


  • Saturday, September 23rd (9am-5pm) – Pre-Launch Summit
    • Irvine Marriott (18000 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA)
    • Hear the story that brought the founding executives together to form the Mental Wellness Company
    • Learn from Amare CSO, Dr. Shawn Talbott about the Amare Mental Wellness Products
    • Find out why CEO Hiep Tran wants to build the world’s most comprehensive Mental Wellness Platform
    • Learn from President of Sales Rich Higbee about Servant Leadership and the Amare Culture
    • Discover from CMO Mike Brown about the marketing tools available to help you share Amare
    • Hear from Founding Wellness Partner Pat Hintze about the Strive for Life Success System
    • Get a chance to PRACTICE your own Mental Wellness Techniques


See more on FaceBook =

Register here =

Please see the Event Flyer (PDF) = LaunchEvent_flyer03



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