Life Sucks – or Life is Great?

Which “life tribe” would you find yourself in?

“Life Sucks” – Stage 1 – (about 10% of people) – have trouble thinking about a what it means to live a great life – we need to work hard to help these folks see a better way

“My Life Sucks” – Stage 2 – (~15%) – may actually be depressed and need help improving mental wellness before moving “up” the life stages

“I’m Great” – Stage 3 – (~50%) – a lot of people (especially many politicians) are in this “look at me” stage of life development – they’re doing great and want you to know about it

“We’re Great” – Stage 4 – (~20%) – groups of people who are united around a cause or mission – they’re excited and motivated to help others close to them to move up to where they are

“Life is Great” – Stage 5 – (~5%) – the pinnacle of life development – these folks are not just “living it” and helping those around them to become better like those in stage 4 – but they’re ready to change the world by helping everyone (global change)

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