Amare – Aug 30 – Orange County

Hello to all the Family and Friends of Amare Global,

We are really excited to let you know that this Wednesday Night, August 30th we will be holding a short but powerful TRAINING event for those of you who have expressed interest in being part of the future with Amare.

Hope you will be able to make it over to the Home Office in Irvine for this fun and informa ve get together!

Here are the details:


WHERE: 17872 Gille e Avenue Irvine, CA 92614

WHY: We want to train you on the things you need to know for your success as we get ready to open the doors for the first me on Sept 1st.

WHO: Pat Hintze and Dr. Shawn Talbo (Chief Science Officer) will do most of the training for the night but you will hear from Rich Higbee (President of Sales) as well as a hello and welcome from our owner Hiep Tran himself! Should be another awesome night!

HOW: Get there anyway you can!!!!!

Other Details:

– Yes, you can bring a new person! (Have them visit first and look around)

– Yes, we will have some finished marke ng handouts for you there! (They are awesome)

– No, no food this me. Eat before you come over.

– Yes, we will have fun!

And finally,
– Yes, we will end on time!

PDF Flyer = FriendsAndFamilyFlier_083017


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