Dear Facebook Friends, Thanks for all th

Dear Facebook Friends,

Thanks for all the recent messages asking about what I’m up to these few months!

Turns out, I’ve been “up to” a lot!

As a result, I’ve been very delinquent in responding to FB messages and new friend requests.

Since I have several thousand of each, I really need to just hit the “reset” button.

This means deleting all the backed-up messages that I’ll never be able to catch up on (please resend anything urgent) and accepting as many friend requests as I can (but I’m already at 5,000 “friends” on my main FB page).

Please see some other options below if you’d like to keep tabs on my projects and continue getting updates and health/fitness/nutrition tips:

My main FB page (already at 5k friends limit) =

My personal FB page for family and close friends =

My “author” FB page where I post book-related stuff =

The FB page for my product research/development company, EQQIL =

My blog =

I’m doing a lot of product research and development projects for several different nutrition and skincare companies – and I’ll be releasing a really interesting new nutrition product later this month.

The new “functional food” reduces stress, increases energy, sharpens focus, and improves sleep quality – all in the same product – very unusual and I think it will be interesting to a lot of people – so please stay tuned.

Thanks for your interest – and looking forward to being better at staying connected and engaged with everyone.


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