CDR and…Skin (and Aging)

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Chapter 4 – Don’t Take Antioxidants— Make Antioxidants

CDR and…Skin (and Aging)

Who among us, whether we’re young or mature, wants to look old and worn out? Nobody! Undoubtedly, women are the primary target market for cosmetic marketers because every woman wants to have beautiful, radiant, youthful, and healthy-looking skin. But so do men!

You’ve heard the old saying, “Beauty is more than skin deep” – and it’s true – especially when you realize that our body has a built-in “beauty protection” network inside of every cell, including our skin cells. You’ll often hear that the skin has “two layers” (the dermis and epidermis), but the epidermis (uppermost layer) is actually comprised of five distinct layers and the dermis (deeper layer) has two different layers – so our skin actually has seven different layers that protect our delicate (internal) tissues from the damaging (external) environment.

Emerging science is discovering a new approach to caring for your skin, one that addresses what goes on inside you and at the deeper layers of skin (not just the surface) in order to bring forth the most glowing, clear, healthy skin on your outside. Achieving healthy beautiful skin is truly an inside-out process. Looking better, feeling better, having more confidence, and causing your exterior to reflect your beautiful interior (and vice versa) is what the latest skin science in all about.

Nobody wants to look like they’re aging. Americans spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year on lotions, creams, and coatings to be applied to the surface of the skin (the dead part, called the stratum corneum). Many of these concoctions do a wonderful job of smoothing out wrinkles and giving the appearance of younger, healthier skin. The illusion of healthier skin, however, rapidly fades when the beauty cream wears off.

What we perceive as “aging” is actually a complicated and multifaceted phenomenon related to skin breakdown and repair—a cyclical process that we scientists refer to as “tissue turnover.” In the case of skin, we call it “collagen turnover.” The most effective solution to a multifaceted problem is a multifaceted solution, and that’s exactly what topical CDR activation is all about.

Today, the scientific community accepts the fact that chronic cellular stress leads to rapid breakdown in a variety of tissues, including brain neurons, blood vessels, muscles, immune cells, and many more – including skin. Cellular stress in skin cells inevitably leads to skin problems, such as wrinkles, acne, and uneven skin tone.

CDR regulates our body’s response to cellular stress and numerous studies have shown that both topical and internal/systemic activation of the CDR pathway can have a wide range of beneficial effects on skin, including reduced rates of skin cancers, protection from ultraviolet radiation, reduced inflammation, enhanced barrier function, and improved wound healing.

In a series of clinical and laboratory studies, various CDR activators (extracts of turmeric, green tea, brassica, pine bark, and plantain) have been shown to improve skin tone, reduce wrinkles, and generally enhance youthful appearance. These studies show how topical application of CDR-activating herbs results in dramatic improvements in key beauty benefits, including an extremely high percentage of women who felt that their skin was improved in the following ways: looking smoother, younger, firmer, more even tone, and with fewer wrinkles. In another series of laboratory studies to investigate the biochemical and genetic mechanisms underlying such rapid and dramatic clinical benefits, researchers treated isolated skin samples daily with CDR-activating herbs. Findings showed clear evidence of the CDR-activating herbs to:

  • Increase CDR-pathway protein levels in skin (thus improving biochemical resistance to oxidative stress)
  • Boost skin protection from ultraviolet (UV) light exposure (by reducing genetic DNA damage)
  • Fight the signs of aging though all layers of the skin (resulting in the previously observed clinical benefits of superior protection, appearance, and healthy youthfulness)

The future of science and medicine is targeting the CDR pathways to not only protect our health, but also to actively improve how we feel/look/perform. CDR activation, especially when optimally-synergistic in nature, represents a huge and exciting advance in the pursuit of anti-aging benefits. These benefits extend from feeling your best (abundant energy, good mood, sharp mental focus), to performing your best (high motivation, balanced metabolism, strong body and mind), to looking your best (healthy youthful skin).

Thanks for reading – be sure to tune in for the next installment about “CDR And… Anyone Who Breathes Oxygen?

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