The Pillars in Action (CRP, Low-Back Pain, and Depression) – Inflammation

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Here’s another excerpt from my 10th book, The Secret of Vigor – How to Overcome Burnout, Restore Biochemical Balance and Reclaim Your Natural Energy

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*Reduce Stress
*Get Healthier
*Win the Lottery

The Secret of Vigor can help you with 4 out of 5 of the most popular resolution goals, so I’ll be posting excerpts from the book for the next several weeks – so please stay tuned for each installment.

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The Pillars in Action (CRP, Low-Back Pain, and Depression) – Inflammation
Ralph was a successful real estate executive who controlled inflammation to alleviate his depression, rid himself of low-back pain, and reduce his CRP levels.

If you looked up the definition of the words “busy” and “driven” in the dictionary, you would see a picture of Ralph staring back at you. As a recipient of his agency’s “top-seller” award for ten years running, Ralph had no interest in “slowing down”—he loved the fast-paced world of real estate, and his business had been thriving even with the tough economy.

Unfortunately, the chronic stress of being “on” 24/7 for work was starting to affect Ralph’s personal and family life. Despite his financial success, Ralph never really felt “good”—he had trouble enjoying happy occasions in his nonwork life, and on more days than not, his lower back was tight and painful. The real eye-opener for Ralph was his annual executive physical exam, during which his doctor told him that his high level of inflammation (CRP) made him a “heart attack waiting to happen” and wrote him prescriptions for an antidepressant (for his low mood) and a painkiller (for his back pain).

Through a combination of Vigor Improvement Practices, including a three-times weekly Interval Walking program (less than thirty minutes per session) and daily consumption of a turmeric supplement, Ralph saw his CRP levels drop from extremely high (11 mg) to very low (almost undetectable, at 0.3 mg). As a result of controlling his inflammation, Ralph was able to avoid having to start the prescription antidepressant and painkiller that his doctor had prescribed.

Ralph is still the top producer in his real estate firm, but he also feels great again, experiencing less pain, better moods, and prospects for an overall healthier future.

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